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Acoustic Solutions for Smaller Offices

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Not all businesses are large corporates with multiple floors and hundreds of employees. Some businesses come in the form of a small team, or a one band man. Naturally, a smaller team or business requires less space, therefore the requirement of a large office is redundant. What’s the point in having more space than you really need?

Space to employee ratio matters. So an office space can still appear loud even though there aren’t as many people working there. In a smaller space, space is of the essence and each metre needs to be used appropriately and not wasted.

Loud work environments are a big gripe in an office space. The overall noise might be too much or you just happen to be sitting next to the loudest conversationalist, either way, there are ways to help.

We’ve got the answer to a quieter workspace and reduced noise, but without the use of any floor space at all. If space is tight, but noise is overpowering, read on for the ultimate noise busting office accessories.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are exactly what they say they are. Acoustic panels which fit to the wall. So, it’s obvious that absolutely no floor space will be wasted, at all!

Easily attached to the wall, the acoustic wall panels will help with noise bouncing around the room. Different shapes and sizes are available so in addition to the noise controlling acoustic foam, you can create a design or pattern on to wall.

To enhance the wall pattern, bring a range of fabric colours into the mix to create a feature wall within a small space.   

Acoustic Desktop Screens

In comparison to a floor standing office screen, the Acoustic Desktop Screen won’t require any floor space. The desktop design sits on top & to the back of the desktop and creates a clear division between work stations.

The acoustic foam will be placed in the right place and height for voice projection, therefore taking in more of the sound. As the desktop divider is focused around the desk, you’ll also receive most privacy to work on those tasks that need a higher level of concentration.

Acoustic properties are welcomed in the office space, as it’s been proven that reduced noise and less distractions can increase productivity and concentration levels.