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China to the USA – How to import goods

China has been the preferred country of origin for many types of import goods for a long time. There are no signs that this trend will slow down. The good news about the import/export industry is experiencing growth and everyone has the opportunity to be part of it.
China is a top choice for importers, as Chinese-made products can be sold in the U.S. and online at a healthy price.

As with all types of import, you must pay attention to the tariffs, duties and regulations that you need to know. You could face heavy fines and delays if you make a mistake. Your specific requirements as an importer will vary depending on what type of commercial goods are being imported into the U.S.

We’ll be highlighting the most important things you should know about China if you plan to import goods.

1. Select your commercial goods, and make sure it is legal to import

You may choose a product that is not compliant with regulations in very limited circumstances. The product will usually be accepted. You can make sure you have made the right decision by reviewing the U.S. import guidelines and China’s exporting regulations.

2. Make sure you have all your documents in order

Take the time to determine which permits or licences are necessary. You may not require all of them in some cases. These will be applied for through various U.S. government departments. More information about the licenses required for different types of goods can be found on the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website.

Before you order for import, please wait for your application’s acceptance!

3. Consider whether you will need to be assisted.

Independent importers are a great entrepreneurial choice. However, it is important to recognize areas where you will need help from outside.

The importation process can be made easier by customs brokers. A broker can help you communicate with the relevant government agencies, explain import/export regulations and fill out the necessary paperwork for you.

4. Send your Importer Security File (ISF, 10+2)

This document provides information about your shipment to U.S. Customs prior to receiving it. Important: This document must be filed on the day your shipment leaves port. You could face a heavy fine if you do not file this document. Visit the CBP website for more information.

5. Other import documents must be filed

You have 5 days from the time your commercial goods arrive at the destination port to submit your documentation. CBP must accept these documents before you can file any additional documents or the import is cleared. These documents include the following: The bill of lading (BOL), packing lists, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, customs bonds, delivery forms, and certificate of origin.

6. Time to schedule pick-up

Congratulations! Congratulations! Your import goods have reached China. To pick up your imported goods, you will need to contact a commercial cargo company. They can transport your goods to a warehouse, or directly to your resellers.

This process is not intimidating! Although it may seem complicated at first, you will soon be able to master the process of clearing customs and importing from China to USA.

This is a lucrative venture that can be profitable if you follow the right compliance. You will have a successful import business that allows you to import goods quickly and easily.