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Choosing a Bristol Product Design Agency

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In the last few years we’ve witnessed an explosion of entrepreneurs and startups that have sought the help of a design firm but haven’t had the ability to develop their concept beyond drawing it in a beautiful way. When our clients come to us who are dissatisfied with other design agencies, we usually need to begin with a fresh start to transform their ideas into something that is appealing, sells and create the business.

The times have changed. People who were old-fashioned like me were able to choose from few colleges that could be chosen to pursue a degree in product design. It was a strange time of design agencies being few as well as infrequent, therefore, we had the option working with customers large and small. We collaborated with clients that were aware of the concept behind their product and required external assistance and we were with them when the products were getting to the hands of consumers.

Today, we are able to use Dragons’ Den, Kickstarter and Crowd Cube, and it is now easier than it’s ever been to transform an idea into reality. The issue is that having an idea is the easiest part. Converting the idea into a feasible, technically viable and economically feasible product is extremely challenging. In this time of crowdfunding, we are getting designs from various agencies that are either impossible, or economically unsustainable or worse even both. Some of these agencies claim they can’t even make a prototype of their designs. How is that possible?

Previous courses like “What Next for Your Invention?” can be invaluable in describing how to bring your product from concept to market. But knowing the most effective route to market isn’t the same as knowing the best partner to partner with to achieve your goals. How do you select a reliable design company?

1. Check out these case study studies by the agency.

Check to see if they’ve got a track record in bringing a product to market. It’s not just drawing it and then putting it into their product and standing with their clients when it comes out of the manufacturing line. If you’re seeing many computer sketches but no finished products or client testimonials Beware.

2. It is not necessary to be restricted to one particular category, but it could be helpful.

If it’s relevant take a look at the needs for your specific category. Baby products, for instance are obviously more subject to tests and certifications than the typical household item. We are constantly seeing ideas that we can tell, at a glance, will fail an examination of the house test.
3. Ask the agency for their expertise on the best way to market in your specific area.

Consider toys for instance. We’ve designed and developed toys for the past 15 years and we’re aware that if a toy has to be sold in mass-market for PS10 and we are unable to create something that’s priced higher than, at most, PS2 to make.

4. Do the case studies test different concept executions?

Or are you trying different styles of the same idea? If you’re planning to invest in bringing an idea on the road to commercialization, you must be certain that you’re backing the correct one. If you don’t fully explore the concept in the beginning it opens the door to competition.

5. Did the design agency walk the lines of manufacturing?

This is among the most crucial points If you aren’t able to make it, you cannot offer it for sale. The theory is good however, do your design team have knowledge of a variety of production techniques? Do they know the basics of materials and collaborate with those who design and create products? They must know how to make products to sell their products and not just make prototypes.

6. What is the size of their network?

Only the top companies can have top talent working in every department. A reputable design company could include a top mechanical engineer working alongside an expert in electronics for instance. Many agencies have a large network of experts that they can rely upon to assist with projects. It’s like hiring architects to plan your home and they’ll manage the building process, but still call in plumbers, surveyors, and so on. It is expected of your partner in design They must find the most skilled people to your product as it goes towards launching.

7. And lastly, Do you think it’ll be enjoyable to work with the designer you’ve chosen?

Development of products is a difficult process to master and requires you spend a lot of money before making a profit. The most exciting aspect of development is that new opportunities emerge, however issues must be resolved each day. In the ideal scenario, you should be positive about the process and be confident that your partner in development will be there to help you and always reach out to you with solutions. Flynn Product Design Agency can be that partner.

When you’re looking for a design firm to work with you to develop your design, keep these mentioned points in your mind. A design that is not up to par is an unnecessary waste of time and money. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your goals.