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Company uniform essentials

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This blog will be talking about the steps to make the perfect uniform for your company. For starters we’ll share some of our most popular items that you may want to think about when designing your personal uniform.

The company uniform is essential to creating a positive image for your company, however they’re also more than how they appear. You must consider everything from safety and health to the fabric you choose and the management of stock.

Before you decide on your company’s uniform, these are a few essential things you have to think about.

1. Uniformity in practicality

Are your employees capable of carrying the job in the uniform you provide?

Before you even look at the fun things such as logo designs and color schemes, it is important to think about whether this uniform appropriate for our employees? It is your obligation to diligence to ensure that employees have all the basics they require particularly if you’re in charge of managing safety gear and PPE.

In the absence of everything they require legally, employees have the right to not work or at a minimum they won’t be doing their best. This might seem excessive, but it could put your employees at the risk of being injured or suffering from illness because of it.

Employees must be able to perform their work in the clothing that you provide them therefore think about which items make them feel at ease. Research suggests that a well fitted uniform has positive mental effects, which can help employees to feel more confident at work, as they feel confident about their appearance.

2. Product sizes & quantities

What number of each size garment do you need? Are you planning to order more to store spare stock?

You could have your own method implemented, but we suggest that you organize the process of taking inventory prior to you place an order. Examine the amount of each piece of workwear you own, and then examine it in relation to your needed level of stock.

The process will be simpler if you’ve an accurate inventory, which includes a breakdown of inventory according to sizes. So, you’ll be able to have a better idea of the quantity of each size you’ll have to buy. As part of the onboarding process for employees, it is possible to begin asking them for their sizes for work wear in order to are aware of this and can incorporate it into your ordering process.

If this all sounds like a huge burden then you might be lucky, as the following section will explain the ways we can assist you with this and much more.

3. Stock management

Do you have the capacity to manage how you distribute your workplace clothing items if it’s a large volume order?

There are many various factors to consider before delivering your uniforms, especially in the case of a large number of employees who require various items. Naturally, it might not be a difficult job if all your employees work on the same location, however it could be a problem in the event that you manage several branches.

4. Color of the product

What colour clothes will you need? Maybe you’ll need some combination of various shades?

After we’ve got all the essentials completely out of the way now we can begin the fun stuff of making your brand come to life with top-quality workwear.

We aim to offer an array of color choices across all of our product lines in order to ensure that you have the ability to choose a colour that is compatible with your brand. We can also assist you in determining the colour choices that best match your brand’s logo.

If you use different colours of polos or t-shirts in order to differentiate between teams or divisions of your workplace We can accommodate. Also, you should always think about your laundry – some colors are more easy to wash than other colours.

5. Logo size & location

How prominent do you wish your brand’s logo displayed? What place on the garment do you wish it to appear?

In the same manner that we’ll assist you with color options, we also have a team that is dedicated to the design of garments and logo placement. Based on the style of workwear you wear, there’s many different designs and options for placement. These include:

Right breast and left breast left arm and right arm right arm, nape of neck right leg

It is essential to note that different types of workwear and PPE come with distinct branding areas and the size of these areas will differ based on how simple it is to embroider or print the logo on it.

6. Logo colour & complexity

How simple is your logo for you to design? Do you want the logo to be printed in a variety of colors?

We’ve talked about sizes of branding and different locations you can use to display your logo. It is vital to remember that every logo is unique and some work with different branding options more than others. We’ll go over this in the following article.

We are able to work with your logo on a conceptual scale, in order to make sure that we collaborate together with the various elements to create a product that you are proud of. Our in-house design team makes sure that when we collaborate together with you, the result is more than printing your logo to a t-shirt.

It’s the same for the message you use for your brand You will have to think about what you’d like to communicate with your logo, and whether there are any other marketing messages you would like to put on your garments.

Did You Know? Dynamic Embroidery are one of the UK’s leading wholesale uniform suppliers.

7. Branding and branding service

Do you require screen printing or digital printing? We are able to provide advice.

We have a wealth of experience embroidering , printing and embroidering clothes and accessories with various methods. We are aware of which printing techniques are the most effective on what garments to achieve the desired look and match your preferences.

The maximum is 14 colours that can be stitched in one design
Over 1,000 threads available to select from
It can be used on all bags, clothing items and even shoes

Screen Printing

Creates the most vivid colors and patterns
Screen prints don’t fade with time.
Minimum order quantity: 25 garments

Digital Printing

Cost effective for smaller quantities of orders.
Perfect for intricate colorful, detailed designs.
Best on t-shirts sweatshirts and hoodies.

Transfer printing

Print in full colour CMYK on any order amount
Ideal for garments with individual names and print areas that are difficult to access.
Ideal for small and medium size orders

8. Fabric selection

What are you looking for or would like your uniform to be constructed out of? Are there regulations that require something specific?

If you are considering your workwear uniform selections, it’s crucial to make sure they appear professional, but also are suitable to perform the task, which we mentioned earlier.

Based on the industry you work in There could be health and safety laws you need to be aware of when selecting the employee uniforms. It is probable that you might need to consider clothes that protect your employees against injury when working in specific conditions like cold weather with reduced visibility or situations that involve flames, heat and rain. Our embroidery service may also provide Firefighter threads that are fireproof.

Even in the event that none of the above apply to your particular industry however, you should consider fabrics that are durable, comfortable and easy to take care of to make sure that your uniforms don’t adversely affect staff morale or productivity.

9. Extras available for purchase

Do you require additional special branding methods, or combinations of products?

We provide a completely personal service to every customer. We are eager familiar with your brand and we’re available for assistance and advice any time you require it.

We offer every design type in our entire line of brand-name workwear and clothing solutions If you’re looking for anything else, we’ll be happy to assist you with that, too.

10. Budget

What do you need or require your uniform to be constructed out of? Do you have regulations that require a specific item?

The uniform plays an important aspect in the way that your employees portray your business It’s therefore crucial to purchase high-quality durable and long-lasting uniforms. But, it’s equally important to consider your budget – how much do you have to spend?

While you are likely to make a significant initial investment, you must consider the future plans of your company and take them into consideration. Are you expanding? Do you plan to recruit new employees in the near time? All of these scenarios should be planned for in advance to make sure you’re capable of paying for repeating your uniforms in the near future.

The most effective step in this case is to determine the essential items you need for your uniform. Then, should you need to, if needed, make extra budgets from various departments to pay for the expenses. This way, you’ll be aware of the amount that must be allocated to each uniform , and you can budget accordingly in the future.