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E2 Visa Business Plan (What to Include)

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If you are intending to move towards the US to start a business, it’s very likely you’re checking out the E-2 visa. In addition to meeting the countless eligibility requirements, you’ll be required as part of your application to post an E2 visa business program.

You’re looking to be able to support the application of yours within the business plan by detailing how your E-2 investment is going to be utilized and demonstrating the amount of investment is sufficient to make the business operational and to allow you to meet the growth projections of yours.

4- six weeks after submitting the application of yours and business plan to the US Embassy, you ought to look to be invited to attend an interview.

At the job interview, you will be questioned on the info you have supplied about yourself and the company. The business plan will be scrutinized to find out the degree of economic benefit the business of yours would bring to the US marketplace.

You will need to be comfortable being challenged on the information found in the business plan, and also describing the way you will get the merchant to an operational stage for the place you will show up in the US.

Regrettably, there isn’t a single winning formula or even prescribed format for the E-2 business case, but here are some short pointers on places to think about when preparing your E2 visa business plan.
E2 Visa Business Plan: Financial strategy

The program should provide economic projections and elaborate on how the business will achieve adequate being successful and profitability to support you (the investor), your staff and dependents, and develop new jobs inside the duration of the E-2 visa (maximum 5 years).

It is crucial that you be realistic. If your application is prosperous, look in front to the renewal stage (up to five years). If you use to restore, you’ll be required to present documentation & figures that show business performance for the duration of the visa, with the hope that you will have achieved these projections.

In the company plan, you’ll also need to show you’ve control and possession of the investment funds of yours. This requires documentary proof of the source of funds, with an obvious paper trail, for instance, purchase of assets or property, savings, employment earnings.

With no threshold or even arbitrary minimum volume, the size of the investment of yours has to be considered’ substantial’ in proportion to the total cost of the merchant project.

Generally there ought to be an at risk element to the purchase, which again you are going to need to detail inside the program of investments thus far in the merchant (lease, created costs etc) and also to demonstrate the small business shall be operational from day 1 of you arriving in the US.
E2 Visa Business Plan: Operational strategy

The Embassy is going to want to know how your business would really work in the US.

There are a wide variety of corporate structures permissible for securing the E 2 visa. You will need to decide which you’ll operate under.

The management specifics of the merchant will in addition require detail. The E-2 visa holder is authorized on the basis of blowing & building the merchant – what exactly does this mean in practical terms offered your corporate framework and personnel strategy?

You’ll also be required to proof that at least 50 percent of the business is owned by you, a citizen of a treaty country.
E2 Visa Business Plan: Personnel strategy

The management structure must allow you as the E 2 visa holder to develop and guide the business, with those carrying out the skilled or unskilled labor demands of the company.

You must be ready to demonstrate you are going to create jobs within your company for resident workers. How many US jobs are going to result from the enterprise of yours, what roles are they going to be then when will you expect they’ll be produced?

Surprisingly, the E 2 visa also allows the company to petition for other foreign employees with the same nationality as the treaty employer. By leveraging this advantage the enterprise might petition for executives, supervisors, or some other important personnel with special qualifications.
E2 Visa Business Plan: Marketing strategy

How does one approach marketing within the US? Document your plans including budget as well as personnel specifications for marketing actions.

Do you have liaisons to tap into, or maybe conferences lined up? Perhaps you currently have contracts in place, or perhaps signed letters of intent? Plainly, the more solid these collections of activity, the better for the event of yours.
E2 Visa Business Plan: Your skills & experience

A further requirement is that the nature of the business is, in a few logical sense, related, relevant or connected to the pro experience, skills or qualifications of the E-2 applicant.

The Embassy will likely be seeking assurance of your reliability and capability, as well as the viability of the enterprise, and therefore are likely to question at interview wherein there is a perceived lack of synergy between your capabilities and the company’s line of work.