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Everything You Need to Know About Scrap Car Recycling

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When an car is not good to operate a vehicle plus its roadworthiness is compromised, it should be properly disposed of. Scrap car recycling provides End of Life Vehicles (ELV) worth to the very end, making sure all reusable and recyclable components are sensibly removed.

Scrap Car Recycling

Scrap car recycling is the procedure of deconstructing a ELV to acquire recyclable and valuable components. By taking an car to some scrap yard (or having it collected), owners make certain cars are adequately recycled in an eco-friendly fashion.

ELV scrapping should be performed by way of a a registered scrap car recycler, for example SL recycling, who could guarantee the car is effectively handled and recycled in eco considerate ways. Only Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) are legally authorized to cope with scrapping.

Benefits of Scrap Car Recycling


The important appeal of scrap my car recycling is the fact that owners are able to receive money for the car of theirs. Which means that although their ELV can’t be resold, they are able to really make cash from it, specifically from the scrap metal and recyclable components. As car scrapping is a naturally competitive market, scrap car costs are offered at rates that are competitive.

Improved Recycling

The newest federal goal of recycling as many as ninety five % of any scrap car usually means a large volume of useful content is diverted from landfill. Recycling ELVs has numerous good knock on consequences because of the planet, helping protect limited materials, greatly reduce negative influence on ecology of mining information, as well as conserve electricity within the generation of virgin materials. In reality, recycling a single tonne of steel (used in production of nearly all cars) preserves 2,500 weight of iron ore, 1,400 fat of coal and twelve pounds of limestone.


Plenty of car parts are removed during scrapping, several of that could be reused, like batteries. Not merely is this much less wasteful as it ensures elements are accustomed to the total, though additionally, it really helps to decrease the demand on car production that is brand new with environmental benefits.

New Material Creation

All sorts of products and materials can be created from car recycling. Examples include: flooring for children’s playgrounds and sports pitches could be created from tyres; jewellery may be created from precious metals commonly found in catalytic converters; clothing accessories are produced from recycled interiors containing leather; rubbish bins or maybe outdoor furniture may be created from plastics located in the dash panel.


When an car involves the conclusion of the life of its, it should be effectively dealt with, such as compliance with relevant authorities. Authorised scrap car recyclers frequently cope with the necessary paperwork for the customers of theirs, reducing some hassle for car owners.

Exactly how Much Is My Scrap Car Worth?

The price of scrap cars are able to vary extensively based on a bunch of factors. The unit of the car, region, condition, accessibility of resellable areas, weight, existing market prices and much more could all fluctuate the price tag. damaged or old Very cars might have worth, even if only in the worth of the scrap metal.