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Go Beyond Translation with Localization

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One of the best choices you can make for your business is to grow internationally to gain new customers as well as enter international markets. While expanding across borders might appear daunting, it really does not have to be. Actually, the process can be inexpensive, efficient and easy if you work with an experienced translation company instead of hiring individual translators, or even trying to do the work yourself.

A partnership with a translation agency offers many advantages. These are 9 advantages to hiring a professional translation service when you begin your journey to international locations.

Translations will be precise

At its core, your translation must be exact; a single mistake could change the whole content of the document and your company will be viewed as unprofessional. Document translation can be straightforward or complicated, based on the type of document that’s being translated. For instance, texts in the legal, medical or financial areas can be very technical and specific, with its own set of terminology. By working with a translation company, you can be certain that your data, no matter how specialized, will be translated properly.

Get Beyond Translation by implementing Localization

If you are entering a new market, simply translating your content not enough, and it depends on the type of project. It is possible that your content will require localization in order in order to make it compatible with the local culture. Localization makes sure that every aspect of the project are in line with the preferences of the targeted market, including the design, colors pictures, currency, dates, time, and numerous other features. Since the translators employed by a professional translation company are native people who speak their respective language, they understand the culture and preferences of the customers they are targeting. As such, they will ensure that the information is appropriate to the region.

Partner with an Expert Translators

When you hire an experienced translation company, you’ll have access carefully screened translators who have high-quality qualification and higher degrees. The language services company (LSP) will make certain that you are paired with an experienced translator that is an native speaker with years of experience dealing with similar tasks. Additionally, the translator will be a subject matter expert in your field, meaning that you are guaranteed that they are familiar with the terminology of your field.

Make use of an LSP’s Marketing Services

Once you have decided to translate and localize your service The next thing to take is to think about marketing. A translation company has all the tools to assist you in marketing the newly-localized product towards the intended market. One of the first methods of marketing is to localize your website to the specific region. Keep in mind that your website is likely to be the first point of contact customers have with your company, therefore it is vital that your website is appropriately localized, considering all local cultural differences of the locale.

Translation Companies Can Handle Complicated Projects

Translation companies are capable of managing projects of any size, from a basic translation to a multilingual , complex localization. If your localization endeavor involves translation of content in multiple languages that is, the translation service is able to meet the requirements. But, if you decide to employ freelance translators, you will need to locate a variety of qualified people to complete the work.

A Project Team Ensures Efficiency

One of the benefits of working together with an LSP is that the company has established processes to assure efficiency of workflow. You’ll have a team with a specific focus, which includes an administrator for the project, translators, proofreaders, and other members to work on your translation. Project managers will also be available to keep you updated on the progress as well as to address any concerns you might have during the process.

The specifics of your business Will be Addressed

Working with an LSP who is an expert in the field you work in, you can be certain that the project team understands the specific nuances and terminology that are specific to your field. For example, if you need to translate an e-learning course, then you need an expert translator who is able to work within learning management systems and be able to integrate all aspects of the course. A typical translator may be able to translate phrases from one language to another, but they will not be able to fully comprehend the complexities of learning via e-learning.

The quality is guaranteed

The most important aspect of your translation and localization project is quality control and this is an important benefit of employing the services of a translator. Without a quality control process that is in place, you translation might contain errors, which could have an impact on the whole output of the project.

Roadmap for Continual Expansion

When you’ve completed your translation work using the LSP, you will have an opportunity for continual growth. Through the use of tools for translating such as databases for translation that the LSP will have the right terminology accessible to be used in future translations. In addition, as the LSP will be aware of your business it can perform market research as well as analysis to help you decide on the next market that you ought to be thinking about entering.

If you’re deciding on the business expansion plan be sure to consider which international markets would propel your company’s growth. To make sure that your translation and localization ventures are successful, work with a reputable translation firm; the success of your endeavor is dependent on it.


One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to internationalize your business to attract new customers and enter international markets. With the help of a professional translator this process is cost-effective, efficient and smooth.