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How to Decide If a Tradeshow Is Right for Your product

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With 1000’s of events going on every year, it’s become apparent that attending an exhibition can be valuable for your brand as well as your products. When planning towards an event, the aim is to acquire new business, to build the brand and grow sales to widen your target audience.

Searching for the right event to attend can be difficult, as you’ll see a whole host of events happening through the year, for a range of industries. However, it’s important that the event is right for your business and that you’ll be able to gain something from the experience. Afterall, choosing to go to an event can be costly. Thus, ensuring this isn’t a costly mistake.

There are things you can do to make sure the event is right for you, and we’ve created a list to make it simple for you.


Research is a must in most situations, especially when your marketing budget is at stake!

Look out for upcoming events and make a note of the ones that seem the most relevant. It may be possible to see which companies have attended and if they fall into the same industry or have a cross over in the right field. No doubt you’ll also be connected to others in a similar industry so make use of those and ask about their experiences and understand what they took away from the event.

Taking advice from an individual that has had that experience is a great place to start.

Become an Exhibition Visitor

In the same line as research, attending the event the year before can really help your decision. You’ll be able to work the floor, discover the brands and stands that are there. You’ll also be able to see the crowd and the audience that the show has attracted

Be aware of the types of exhibition stands are there and take some inspiration for the future. Showcasing your brand effectively is half of the battle when it comes to drawing a crowd towards your stand.

Consider The Costs

This is the time to consider the costs and if the costs will outweigh the rewards, or the other way around. Exhibitions cost thousands of pounds, it’s only natural that you envisage the possible rewards and feel the conducted research has concluded in the right way.

You’ll want to be sure that you’ve selected the right event, with the right crowd and the plan in place will help grow the business and help recoup some of the costs of the event itself.