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Making an apprentice feel welcome

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In terms of recruitment, apprentices are now the most sought-after option to hire new and passionate employees.
You must remember, however, that apprentices don’t have to be leaders in their chosen field. Therefore, the recruitment and training process for them will be quite different. To keep apprentices happy, it is crucial to make a good first impression. Here are our top tips for using apprenticeships UK.
Check that there are roles available

Before you begin to explore the world of employing an apprentice, make sure you know exactly where this apprentice is located. Do you require assistance with business administration? You need to increase your sales and digital marketing. Also, you need to make sure there is an apprenticeship position available. You don’t want to waste your time and that of the recruiter.
Keep in mind that they are employees who are learning.

Apprentices are trained to be leaders in their trade. It is unrealistic to expect apprentices to know everything about the industry. A great way to hire an apprentice is to learn everything about your business. Apprentices will become integral employees of the business because they will receive training from the very beginning.
Begin a friendship

Some apprentices may find this their first job. The idea of jumping straight at the beginning can seem daunting and frightening. It is possible to make them feel more comfortable by pairing them with a buddy. A buddy can be there to help them if they are having trouble with work or have questions. They will also show them how it works. A buddy can help the apprentice feel part of the team and increase their confidence.
Keep them interested

You may make the apprentice feel unworthy if they continue to do the same tedious tasks day after day. Give them tasks that will allow them to grow and test their abilities. You can also give them incentives and opportunities to do so. The opportunity to earn a promotion or receive bonuses will give an apprentice something to aim for.
Listen to what they have to say

A new hire can offer new and exciting ideas. Apprenticeships are great to bring young, fresh minds. They see things differently than other people. Although you don’t necessarily have to agree with their ideas, listening to them and giving insight will make them feel valued.
Keep up with your friends.

This will allow you to both understand where your apprentice is at all times, from daily meetings to monthly catch ups. Daily meetings will allow them to see what they have to accomplish and the goals that they should aim for each day/week. Monthly meetings are great to catch up and review. This is a great time to let them know how you are doing and where you might be having trouble. You can also ask them how they are feeling. Then you can see where they need additional support and what steps are possible.
Let them know when they do well

It’s hard to know if you’re doing something right. If you don’t recognize them when they do well, it can have an effect on their work. They will do their best work if you tell them when they have completed tasks to a high level. You may notice a change in the way they behave at work. This could even motivate the rest of your team. To recognize them, you don’t have to be a fan.

You need to make sure that your apprentices feel like they are part of the team, as with any full-time or apprenticeship job. You may need to give some guidance to apprentices about the workplace in order to keep them interested. These tips will ensure your apprentice feels valued and included in the business, regardless of whether you are a manager or team leader.