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Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

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We have recently released an infographic about the power of video and how it will evolve. However, the future has already come. It’s been a total digital revolution for marketing. According to Wyzowl figures 63% of companies have begun making use of video content marketing. From that 82% of businesses believe videos are an integral component of their plan. The growth of video is rapid and is likely to hit higher levels sooner than we imagine. This is due to 83% of companies believe that video marketing will bring the best return on investment.

Absolutely, video marketing is one of the latest additions to your toolbox for promotion. It is possible that you have doubts. Does it make sense considering using videos to advertising your business? Are you able to produce and implement videos in your marketing?

The answer is straightforward The answer is yes, it’s worthwhile. It’s not just because everyone else is doing it, but because video is among the most adaptable and lucrative marketing tools on the market today. Here are eight reasons you should be using a video marketing agency today.

1. Video boosts sales and conversions

The first thing to do is. Videos can earn you significant cash. A video of your product to your website’s landing pages could boost conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. Furthermore, the Treepodia Team has created certain that videos work regardless of the type of category that you use it in.

Videos can also directly lead to sales. Research shows the 74% customers who watched an explanation video about an item or service then purchased the item. So better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

If you consider the power of video isn’t so surprising. Since vision is the most predominant sense. Most of the information we receive from our brains is visual. If you already know that pictures increase engagement, think about what images that move can do for your business.

2. Video Shows Amazing ROI

To make you more exuberant In fact, 83% of companies believe that video can provide a good ROI. Although video production isn’t the most cost-effective or simple job, it will pay off in a big way. Additionally, online editing tools are continuously getting better and less expensive. Your smartphone is able to produce decent-quality videos already.

Another benefit you can take advantage of is that the videos that you upload don’t need to be flawless. It’s the content that counts! Recent research suggests that consumers are mainly swayed by videos that don’t describe products or services sufficiently. Design and quality issues and low quality weren’t as important. It’s safe to say that video is akin to pizza. Even when it’s bad however, it’s still quite good!

3. Video Builds Trust

Trust is the basis of sales and conversion. However, building trust is not the sole goal. The whole idea of content marketing relies on trust and building long-lasting relationships. Stop selling and let customers come to you with informative and helpful information.

Video is a great medium for all kinds of things. Video content can draw us in and spark emotions. If we are talking about individuals who are considered to be elite in the crowd YouTubers have emerged as the most influential social media persona to advertise your company’s image. If you’re committed to content marketing and video, then you should be committed to video, too.

Videos for promotions can build trust , too. There are some consumers who remain in doubt about buying goods or services online due to fear of fraud and scams. However, effective marketing videos showcase your product in a conversational way. It creates a sense personal approach, which is the reason 57% of people report that they felt more confidence when they purchase on the internet.

4. Google loves videos

Videos help increase the amount of time users on your website. This builds trust and shows to search engines that your website contains quality content. Moovly offers staggering data that show you are three times more likely to to show first on Google when you have videos embedded on your site. Since Google is now the owner of YouTube it has led to an exponential increase in how the videos impact the rank of your website on search engines.

Be sure to optimise your video on Youtube to be SEO friendly. Make sure to write captivating names and descriptions. Include a link to your website, your products and services. Offer potential customers the opportunity to move on. Explore the world of interactive video to inspire actions more.

5. Video Appealing to Mobile Users

Mobile and video are synonymous. 90% of people view videos on their mobiles. Since Q3 of 2013, the number of mobile video views have increased to over 300 percent. YouTube states that mobile video viewing increases by 100% each year. Because people love to stream videos while on the move, as well as the amount of mobile users is increasing so your audience for videos is increasing in size.

Furthermore, Google tells us that smartphone users are twice as likely as television viewers, as well as 1.4 three times as likely desktop users to feel an emotional relationship to brands who show videos or advertisements on their smartphones.

The growing popularity of mobile videos implies that brands must be attentive to the individual experience that people get on their mobile devices. For instance, they should offer consumers a more diverse selection of the content they view on their phones.

6. Video Marketing Explains Everything

Are you planning to launch a new item or service? Create a video to demonstrate how it functions. 98% of people have watched an explanation video to gain more information about a service or product. This is the reason 45percent of companies that employ video marketing stated that they had an explainer video embedded on their homepage. Of these businesses 83% reported that their explainer video on their homepage proved to be effective.

Do you need to explain a complicated idea? Make animated videos. Animation can bring ideas to life, which no texts or even live videos could. Furthermore, boring, monotonous talking heads do not suffice anymore to cut through the noise. Animated videos are the perfect mixture of nostalgia, entertainment and simple. They work.

7. Video entices even the most lazy Buyers

Video content is an ideal way to learn and also simple to consume. In today’s hectic world, it’s hard to take the time to go through lengthy product descriptions or delve into the details of the details of services. Modern customers want to experience the product live. Video consumption is one of the primary driving factors of making use of video in your marketing.

Video marketing is a great way to reach an enormous audience and works on multiple levels. Even the most lazy of people. You must ensure that you are not aiming just at the eyes, but as well at the ears your potential customer. Your competitive advantage gets double power!

8. Video Encourages Social Sharing

In the 8th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report Michael Stelzner stated that 60 percent of social marketers who used videos in 2015 and 73% of the respondents had plans to use the medium in 2016. It was true.

Social media platforms also encourage video content through their latest features. Facebook has launched 3600 video as well as Live Video along with Lifestage (A Video-Centric Application for Teenagers). Instagram has introduced 60-second videos and Instagram Stories. Twitter also has Periscope. Additionally, YouTube ranks second as the most popular social media platform worldwide.

In the context of social media video marketers should be aware that people share their emotions and not just facts. 76 percent of people say they would be willing to share a branded video with their friends if they thought it was enjoyable. So create fun entertaining videos to encourage social shares. They may not be the best ROI, but they can help increase the number of visitors to your website and you can build your business from there.