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Purpose of Corporate Video

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Any kind of video content that is produced by a company is considered corporate video. Nowadays, corporate videos can be hosted online for multiple purposes. These include company promotion, employee training or a simple promotional video to its website.
Today, video marketing and video advertising are very popular with companies and marketers. It is one of the best ways to connect with customers. The fact that video equipment is much cheaper means that even a basic video can be shot with a smartphone.

Corporate video content is usually targeted at its intended audience or internal staff. In most cases, there are multiple employees involved. A variety of corporate videos can be used to illustrate the different uses of corporate video. Video content is a common part of corporate video production. It can be used to promote or teach employees.

Below I have listed the most popular ones such as investor relations and staff training.

1. Communication to corporate clients
2. Testimonials
3. Information for investors and shareholders
4. Media release
5. Personal training
6. Video marketing

Video is used by large companies for self-promotion, brand recognition and explaining the features of new products. Video marketing and promotional have become a favorite tool for marketers. Because of its effectiveness, video marketing and promotion has allowed corporations to increase their revenue 49% more than those who don’t use it.

1. What are the main goals of corporate video production?

You can reap a multitude of benefits from creating corporate video content, such as improved communication, self promotion and prestige.

Brand awareness refers the amount of positive recognition your company or brand enjoys in a given market. Many companies today are adding brand awareness strategies to their marketing plans.

Marketers are now more focused on brand awareness in an economy where reputed brands are preferred over newer, less well-known brands.

2. How to make an engaging corporate video

Many types of videos can be produced by video production companies. There are many different types of video production.

Some companies are specialized in one industry like fashion or corporate. This is due to the fact that certain companies require video agencies who have expertise in a specific field. Although this may be beneficial, it is not necessary. Most companies offer any service in the video production sector.

These days, there is intense competition and creating videos may not be enough to get the results you desire. You must create a compelling, original and creative video strategy to make your videos stand out.

Although it can be difficult to create engaging video content, it is possible. Below are 3 key ingredients to make your videos more engaging and offer a unique experience.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling can be described as the art and science of telling a story or presenting arguments in a captivating, timely way. You can find many examples of storytelling that will help you improve and understand your video story.

Remember the Chinese viral advertisement featuring a young man? It shows the daily routine of a young man working on his way. It shows how he can be a helper to everyone.

Storytelling describes the way viewers relate to stories. It can stimulate imagination and transport audiences to another reality.

2. Inspire

Inspirational videos generate more engagement and are easier for viewers to remember. These videos also tend to be more viral.

In order to create an inspiring video, you must first reach your audience, understand their values, and then find those that align with your company. Inspire is not just contagious, it’s a company value everyone would love to have.

3. Sparks curiosity

Marketing professionals use curiosity to draw attention. To increase attention and lengthen your videos, create curiosity from the very beginning.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers believe that using the information gap theory is the best way for curiosity to be sparked.