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The Advantages of TV Advertising

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TV advertising can build trust
Trust is one advantage of TV advertising. Brands use the term “as seen TV” to indicate that the TV advertisement medium confers authority on the individuals running the ads. When asked “In which, or any of the following places, are you most likely find advertising that’s most trusted?” TV advertising scored 42%, with newspapers scoring only 13% and YouTube scoring just 6%.

How can a TV ad increase sales?

Online advertising and TV are becoming more integrated as we view content across all our screens. Television is still the best option for brand recall, awareness, and returns on investment.

“TV is the most efficient at achieving key performance indicator (or KPIs) like sales and new accounts. Comparing similar spending levels, the average TV advertisement still has four times as much sales lift than digital.
Marketshare Research

Advertisements are displayed in full screen

A TV advertisement can run on full screen, which is another benefit. Your advert won’t be vying for space on a cluttered website. It is not visible at the bottom of any App.

A major factor is blocking ads. Many people now use ad blockers to filter out advertisements. In 2018, 86% of TV viewers watched live TV, rather than recording shows to watch later. While advert skipping does exist, the vast majority of TV viewers are still watching TV commercials.
When building larger audiences, TV advertising works

Advertisement on TV may seem outdated. You would be wrong. Online advertising is always outperformed by TV’s unparalleled ability reach large audiences. Online brands are beginning to realize that TV is crucial for their marketing and the best way they can grow their market share.

How to track TV ads

TV Squared software allows you to monitor the results of DRTV advertising campaigns in near real time. Your media plan is used to assign website clicks or downloads to the latest TV advert. You can easily spot the benefit TV advertising has had on your sales funnel by running a test on the website traffic prior to the advert runs. Budgeting media has become much easier to track with this ability.
What is the limit to television advertising’s effectiveness?

Buy regional advertising to get the TV advertising benefits without spending a lot. Another option is to use SKY Adsmart. Adsmart lets brands advertise on TV slots in certain postcode areas and play adverts to a specific audience defined by the advertiser.

Prices for TV advertising production can vary depending on their sophistication. Surprisingly, a great ad can bring in a lot of revenue for very little money. Great deals will be made with broadcasters by the best agencies.
The second screen Advantage

A TV advertisement can also be used to advertise TV. With a smartphone nearby, viewers can watch TV while on the move. The second screen viewing allows viewers to immediately respond to an advertisement by clicking on the call to action.

Before the second-screen phenomenon, viewers needed to keep a brand or call for action message and take action later. The second screen has been a major advantage in TV advertising and makes DRTV campaigns instant hits.
Television Advertising Advantages

Two types of advertising exist: branding (an attempt at influencing people’s perceptions about your company) & direct selling (trying get people to purchase a product). You can make a big difference in your bottom line by creating a TV commercial that is engaging, well-designed and shown on the appropriate channels to the right people at the right time.

A TV advertising agency should be able to create and place TV ads. This is the best advice. They will assist you in creating a compelling advert from your brief. Your advert will be seen by a captive audience based on viewing habits and customer profiling.

How can business owners prepare for the future?

The TV advertising campaign can often be described as a wave. Reach is one of the key advantages of TV advertising. Your call centers or website ecommerce platforms will need to be ready once your first advertisement runs. An advert on TV can cause a surge in interest, which can lead to a website that is slow or unreliable.
Social Buzz

Pay attention to social media. Once word spreads about the new advert, people will begin searching for it online. It’d be great if the advert was displayed on your website to attract viewers who may have heard about it but haven’t yet seen it.

A TV advertisement can offer you free site visits through a social buzz. VAB Research: A recent report showed that brand advertisers who ran TV advertising saw a 22% rise in unique visits.
How can I get the benefit TV advertising gives me?

You should choose an agency with experience in getting new brands onto TV. They will guide you through every step of the process. They will ensure that you have all the benefits of advertising, and provide the best value. By optimising your ads, they will increase value. You can target your ads for seasonality or regionality as well as times of the day.

Toast, a TV ad agency that specializes in TV ads, will make sure your TV ad is seen by the right people. They will help you gain a competitive edge, increase sales, and provide data on your effectiveness.

One thing is certain, TV is still the best place to market your brand. Your online marketing can help you make a significant impact on your bottom line.