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The difference between a pay monthly websites and upfront payment websites

Pay monthly website design vs upfront payment website design.
You may have found website design agencies that offer pay-per-month packages if you’re looking to create a website or update your existing site design. Are you curious about the benefits of these website design agencies? Let’s have a look…

So, what is the difference between an upfront payment website and a pay monthly website?


Monthly website design: You will pay monthly for website maintenance, regardless of how long it takes. The upfront cost of your website is paid in full, and you can pay the entire website at once.


Hosting is included with a monthly payment for a website. Hosting costs an additional monthly fee if hosting is purchased upfront. Prices vary depending on the level and type of support you require.

On-going support

You can get support from our team if you sign up for a monthly payment. They will help with updates, website design changes and package upgrades as you grow and develop your business. We are always there to help. You will be charged an additional fee if you require any changes to the website design.


Our monthly payment website design packages are available if you wish to refresh the look and feel your website after a while. We can help you update your branding according to the direction that your business is moving in. Re-designs are possible with upfront payment websites. This would be a new upfront fee.


We retain ownership of your website design if you choose a monthly pay-per-view package. You retain all rights to the provided content and imagery, but you can always take it elsewhere if you want. Your website is yours to keep. If any changes to your website are needed, you will need to pay an agent or developer (which can be expensive).


Pay monthly website design packages are free of contracts. This means that you only pay monthly to have your website. You can cancel your website at any time with upfront payment websites. For a website you don’t want, you’ll have to pay a lot upfront.


Pay monthly websites allow you to upgrade and downgrade as needed. Your business might be growing rapidly and you wish to create a shop that customers can purchase from. A blog can be a great way to increase the SEO value of your website and offer more content to your customers. You may also need to add pages as you grow your services and business. All this is possible when you have a monthly payment website. Give us a call, and we will work with your to improve your website. You would have to pay a designer or agency to add pages or modify items to your website with an upfront payment website.

Which one is the best for you?

Every business is different. Pay monthly website packages are ideal for small businesses. This website design solution might be right for your company. Either you decide to pay upfront or you may prefer to have your website built by a professional. Both options are excellent in their own ways. The important thing is to find the right solution for you and your company.