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The Key Benefits of a Product Video

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What are the benefits of video presentations for product launches? Here’s seven good reasons to adopt this best technique in your webmarketing business strategies , as well as other communication objectives.

What are the advantages of marketing via video?

What are the benefits and benefits of video presentations for product launches? Here is our guide with a list of seven great reasons to adopt this best practice for your business and marketing strategies. We hope to help you to be more effective in the direction of your marketing video.

Here are some helpful tips…

But first: why using video marketing?

Today, video is an essential format for being present and be seen on the Internet particularly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or Youtube. Beyond that, videos with an effective script can will increase five times the recall rate of your content branded. Whatever the content (product launch, video for communication or event or social media-related animation video telling …) and the audience (internal and external) marketing videos adapt seamlessly to any need. Afterward, these videos can be incorporated into your blog content (for an effective method of generating content).

What are the different kinds of videos that can be used to use for marketing inbound?

Video from the event

If it is designed well the video for an event can reach an extremely large audience and fulfills several objectives to create a teaser trailer of an event, record registrations, create live video that bring an event to life through an archive of it. Your brand will gain more exposure from viewers and will also have an impact on the image of your company.

Social media

The use of video in a social media strategy can increase in 10x the interaction of the viewers compared to any other type of content. The benefits for “”social video” at a very low cost (and often for no cost) are growing across all levels: tutorial videos or testimonials from customers on YouTube and live video on Periscope to broadcast story or an event for a company.

Promotional products

The introduction of a new product is an important occasion for a business. To ensure that the launch is an success, the choice of media for communication is crucial. 92% of videos watched on social media are shared. What better way in the digital age to advertise on the market your latest products?

Content promotion

Are you looking to share your content with others about your business and engage new customers? A produktvideo can be the best method to impress and showcase your content in a lively and engaging manner.

Customer testimonials to help prospective customers

To increase the credibility of your products or concepts, it’s crucial that you have your top clients provide testimonials. They are more relatable and warmer than text alone testimonial videos provide the type of testimonial that can convey more credibility.

1. An knowledge of your product or service you offer, in order to differentiate yourself from competition

97% of marketers believe that video content helps them to provide an knowledge of their products to the customer (HubSpot The state of marketing videos in 2017).

Video content can also provide assurance 50 percent of buyers are less likely to purchase a product again if they see a video demo about the item (Source: ReelSEO).

2. Illustration is a powerful tool illustrates the product from every angle , with the finest attributes

It is possible to incorporate multiple shots animations, sequences and animated effects within your presentation to ensure that customers can see the product from all angles. You can include mockups, 360deg images or images from various angles. It’s a method of replicating what you see in stores without the need for the customer to actually go to the store.

Video content can be an excellent way to draw attention an item. It could provide a wealth of details about the product, which allows your customers to make an informed choice, and to spend less time looking up the product (less time-consuming and less effort to research, etc.). It can improve your visitor experience and perception of the product (and branding perception while at the same time).

3. Enhancing the value of your business

The power of the video content is in the narrative surrounding the product. By contextualizing the product, by adding an underlying story to it will make your customers feel emotionally connected and build an emotional connection.

Specialists in purchasing behaviour are of the opinion that “the purchasing process is driven by emotions and not information” .

4. The media of presentation that is ubiquitous

Videos are a form of media that is viewed by anyone. Mobile usage has been increasing exponentially for many years. One indication for this can be seen in the fact that over 85% of videos posted on Facebook are watched without audio, particularly in public areas. This is also the largest and most used medium. According to Wyzowl 68% of people prefer a video presentation over any other medium (text or infographics brochures, images, etc. ).

5. The ultimate benefits of the customer

One of the greatest advantages for video is that it’s depicting the product in its actual situations. It allows you to describe every one or a portion of the functions to enhance the comprehension regarding the products. In this way the aim of these explanations of features is to tie the function of the product with its advantages for customers by using images to demonstrate how the product can satisfy their requirements.

6. Product videos boost engagement

In addition to the video and thorough presentation, your page should allow users to leave comments. Comment on a post via social media. Apart from the increased engagement that this can generate around your product, you may also utilize this feedback to enhance the quality of your video, or even make sure you highlight positive comments. Remember that your viewers’ participation rate will be 10x greater using video than conventional posts. The type of video lets you connect with new audiences, based on the social media platform that you are using.

7. Video content increases conversion rates and lead generation on the internet

After watching a video, 68 percent (according according to Google) and even 73 percent (according ReelSEO) ReelSEO) of people tend to purchase an item online. Videos of products that are viewed at the end of the purchasing process aid your customers in their decision-making. Testing with A/B has shown the advantages of video presentations. If they are posted alongside the order page, videos increases the conversion rate by 57% as compared to a page without videos (Source: Teester).

It is best to add a call-to-action at the middle and at the conclusion the video. Make sure that if the video is longer than 2 minutesin length, less than 50% your viewers will view the video until the end.

It’s particularly important to remember that 81% marketers believe that video can have an immediate impact upon sales. (HubSpot The state of marketing with video in 2017).