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Top 10 Advantages of Video Production for Businesses

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Video production is very popular in today’s business world. But, why is it so important? Simply put, video production drives results. Our industry expertise has helped us to identify the top ten benefits associated with producing corporate video.

1. Google ranking improvement
Google has placed YouTube on the first page of search results ever since 2006. The results now include entire video thumbnails, which gives you the chance to rank higher if you produce quality clips. You should optimize your YouTube videos for SEO with relevant titles and descriptions.

2. Your services should be explained
It is difficult to describe exactly what you do and why you are better than your competition in one sentence. Corporate video is the best way to communicate what your brand offers to customers, as they don’t want pages upon pages of text.

3. Your conversions can be increased
The 2016 design trend of having a video as the background of your landing page is a great one. Studies show that embedding quality corporate videos can increase conversions up to 80%.

4. Trust your clients
Corporate video allows clients to see behind-the scenes of your company. It introduces clients to your brand, products, and employees in a friendly way, unlike text-based content. It builds trust and confidence for your company.

5. Keep visitors on your website longer
Your business wants people to remain on your website as long possible. You want to increase the likelihood that they will convert into customers and improve your organic search ranking on Google. People tend to spend more time on your site if they are watching videos.

6. Give your customers what you want
Video production is becoming a huge trend. It’s unlikely to stop anytime soon. Reports indicate that video will make up 82% of all traffic online by 2020.

7. Encourage social sharing
It can be difficult to interact with customers through social media if you aren’t willing to pay. Facebook shows only 3-4% of posts from businesses to their followers unless they sponsor them. Video is the most popular type of post on social networks so investing in video production can help increase organic reach.

8. Educate your employees
Video training is a great way to get your employees trained. Because it offers both audio and visual stimulation, your employees will be able to easily understand and retain what you have said. It is also much easier to distribute than training manuals.

9. Keep up with your competition
Over half of all businesses now use video to engage with customers, according to statistics. With these numbers, you can see that your competition is likely interested in video production Bristol.

10. Improve email marketing
Email marketing can be a fantastic way of growing leads but it can be hard to get clicks to the website. However, you can increase click through rates up to 65% by including the word “videoā€¯ in your email subject.