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Why do you need a mobile app?

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Mobile apps are not only for large brands such as Walmart or Bank of America. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly following the mobile trend. They understand that a successful mobile strategy requires more than a mobile-friendly site and that a mobile application is essential for their business.
You’ll be surprised to see that many small businesses, whether they are in the neighborhood coffee shop or downtown beauty salon, have their own mobile apps. These businesses are ahead of the curve when it comes digital marketing.

If you’re still unsure why anyone would build their own mobile app, here are seven top benefits to starting this path sooner than expected.
1. Customers should always be able to see you

According to statistics, the average American adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes per day on their mobile devices. Although only a few apps account for most of the total usage, this doesn’t alter the fact that every user must unlock, scroll, scan, and search their device for the apps they want. Your company can benefit from being “in the way”, as our subconsciously records every image, text, or well-designed icon! It is what it is.
2. Create a direct marketing channel

Apps can serve many purposes: they can provide general information, prices, booking forms and search features. They also have the ability to create user accounts, send messages, and display news feeds.

A mobile app offers many benefits, including the ability to share all information with your customers, such as special sales and promotions. Push notifications allow you to get closer to direct interactions with customers and remind them about your products and services when it makes sense.
3. Your customers will appreciate your value

How about digitizing your loyalty program? Instead of using the traditional point-collection card, let your customers collect their rewards through your mobile app. What will you see? The result? More downloads, and more customers returning.

4. Brand recognition

Your brand awareness can be greatly enhanced by a mobile app. Let me break it down into two parts. The combination of these will make your app a winner.

Brand. A mobile app can be thought of as a billboard sign. It can be made stylish, trendy, functional, bold, informative, and whatever else you like. You really want to create an app with features that your customers love and is beautifully designed.
Recognition. Customers will buy your product or service the more you get them involved with your app. This is known as the “effective frequency” in advertising. It is a rule of thumb that your brand should be heard and/or seen approximately 20 times before you get truly noticed.

5. Improve customer engagement

Your customers need to be able to reach you, regardless of whether you sell flowers or services. A messaging or help desk feature in your app can make a big difference in how you communicate with customers. This is how OpenTable built their entire business model. You don’t have to call a restaurant to book a table. It takes just five clicks to book a table on the platform. Think about this: How many customers would rather communicate via text than phone with you?
6. Standing out from the rest

Mobile apps for small businesses are becoming less common. This is where you can make a huge leap ahead of your competition. Your customers will be impressed if you are the first to offer a mobile application. Your forward-thinking approach will impress your customers!
7. Cultivate customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the last and most important reason to consider creating your own mobile app. Because of all the advertising we see, including billboards, billboards and flashing signs, as well as flyers, coupons, flyers, newspaper ads, flyers and emails, our customers are slowly losing their trust due to the overwhelming amount of ads.

It is time to rekindle the trust and connection that you have with your customers and make them loyal fans of your products and/or services. While I’m not suggesting that a mobile app will save your business, it can help you stay in touch with your customers and be available at your fingertips.

Are you still convinced? Are you still not convinced? There are two options.

Depending on how important you want to place on your mobile strategy, you can either hire app development companies or bring your own app-development team.
You can build your mobile app using one of the many app builders available, such as Como and BuildFire.

Mobile apps have become a standard feature for most businesses, regardless of whether you decide to take the leap. Your business’ future success will depend on the choices you make today. You decide if you want to be the first.