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Why Whiteboards are a Great Planning Tool

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The age of technology has made it easy to carry powerful computers around with us, so you might be wondering if there’s still a place for the simple whiteboard. But whiteboards still serve a vital purpose in schools and businesses. Unsurprisingly, whiteboards are favored by those with the highest technological literacy. Evernote and Apple acknowledge that whiteboards can be used as a planning tool in a way that no other apps can match.
They Have Survived in the Technological Age.

A whiteboard makes it easy and quick to communicate clearly. There is no need to download software or worry about internet connections. A group of people can view key details by simply looking at the whiteboard. People of all abilities and ages can make changes easily.

Particularly useful for visually impaired people are planner whiteboards. They can help you see clearly what’s going on. They are useful for tracking many business metrics, such as. They can be used to track spending, income, and debt. While it may be easier to create your spreadsheet electronically than a whiteboard, it is still a great way of highlighting the most important points.

It can also be used to clearly show important dates or reminders. To remind your team of the direction you want, you could also use a whiteboard for important company goals.

Whiteboards can be Agile

If you are a firm believer in agile planning, a whiteboard will be an indispensable tool. It is often more effective than most electronic alternatives. For many, a physical whiteboard chart is more tangible than a digital copy sent by email.

A whiteboard can be used as an index card. It is possible to take a whiteboard pen and write a task on a board. If you don’t like it, you can easily remove it. This feels more real than clicking a delete key in an app. This is especially true if sticky PostIts are used as part of your planning. Simply attach them to whiteboards and move them around.

Use whiteboards and technology to enhance your planning

The great thing about whiteboards is that even tech companies love them. Evernote, the note-taking company, is an example. In Redwood City in California, they have entire walls of whiteboards.

Evernote’s greatest innovation starts as a series of points on a board. They know that whiteboards can be large, simple to use, and quick. Even though electronic devices may be great, they cannot match whiteboards for these essential characteristics. It’s not necessary to turn on a whiteboard, wait for it load or worry about how it will behave. Your whiteboard doesn’t get flat and is always charged. While you don’t have training to use a whiteboard for writing, it will help to highlight how messy your writing might appear.

Evernote is one of many Silicon Valley companies that uses whiteboards to facilitate brainstorming and idea generation.

How can you get rid of ideas written on the board. Evernote offers its own product. They can snap photos of key details on the whiteboard and save them to Evernote as notes. To improve your planning, you can use whiteboards and other technology.