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A Comparison of Premium Hand Grinders for Coffee

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The ascension of the grinder to the status of its as probably the most essential piece of brewing gear is well earned. Far more than nearly anything different the grinder has got the possibility to create, and seriously limit, the taste quality of brewed coffee. It’s natural, then, because of this movement to extend throughout brand new territory – the realm of mobile brewing. The hand grinder, once regarded as a compromise for convenience sake, is reinvented to deal with several of top power home grinders available on the market. Whether you are sitting close to a campfire, summiting a mountain, operating economy class, recharging in work break room, or perhaps attempting to help keep it silent in the home at 6:00 AM, hand grinders have made it easy to brew coffee that is outstanding anywhere.

During the last several years, many premium hand grinders are released to the marketplace. These grinders share several defining characteristics, including precision cut steel burrs, a protected center shaft riding on two (or maybe more!) bearings, and also a general build quality which promises durability and much lifetime. These characteristics are believed to be customary for an excellent hand grinder and also, essentially, are that is required for a uniform grind. That said, the rather straight forward requirements are able to make it relatively hard to decide which grinders stand before the others.

But there is news that is good – we have done the job for you. We have sourced a number of the most widely used premium hand grinders on the marketplace and place them with the test, showcasing the pros and cons of each. Features are what really distinguish these grinders from each other and this particular website is meant to enable you to locate the grinder with features most applicable to the requirements of yours.

Timemore Chestnut C2

Fairly new on the scene, Timemore has made rather an impression with an assortment of attractive hand grinders, a machine, as well as a suitcase for taking all of the required coffee programs on the go. The C2 is Timemore’s entry level grinder, though it deserves that label just due to the substances of its, several of that are clear plastic, not due to the grind quality of its, that is well above average.

Finish plus fit

Most of Timemore’s manual grinders come with an aluminum unibody frame, including the supports inside. The C2 is the anomaly, although, in that the inside supports of its are PCTG plastic, not metal. The grind adjustment wheel, lid, inside of the grinds catch, and pommel are clear plastic, also, all elements in this particular grinder’s fairly affordable tag. Having said that, the key elements, like the metal frame, 38mm conical steel burrs (cut for brewing, not espresso), along with two bearings, will be the just like those found on the additional Timemore models, which means you are able to count on the very same high quality grind quality.
Grind Adjustment

All of the Timemore grinders on this list use a stepped adjustment wheel like the camera located on the Comandante. To turn the dial clockwise pushes the center burr closer to the external burr, fining the grind; rotating the dial counterclockwise does the contrary, coarsening the grind. There are twelve steps per revolution, all etched into the switch for reference, which means you are able to get and also remember your preferred grind sizes. The manual consists of somewhat precise suggestions for grind settings: 6 12 clicks from zero for fine, 15 24 for pour over, and also twenty four and in place for rough techniques.


Least expensive grinder on this particular list.
Related grind quality on the other Timemore models.
Offered in 2 colors.


Lots of plastic components, like the interior supports.
Burrs can’t grind fine enough for espresso.
The plastic-made lid is fragile and thin.

Comandante C40 MKIII

The Comandante Mk.III hails from Germany, exactly where several of the very best tools utilized in specialty coffee houses is created. Thus, naturally, the expectations because of this grinder were high. Even though it is rumored several of the very first production models had performance problems, the newest grinders are panel built and also offer great grind quality. In reality, this’s a standout, healthy hand grinder that we endorse as your better all around choice. At the core of its the Comandante Grinder is a fashionable, versatile grinder that’s a delight to make use of.

Finish plus fit

The Comandante sports a stainless body wrapped in a small wood veneer treated with an all natural wax oil, high nitrogen martensitic steel burrs (which are extremely reluctant to pitting), an oak wood handle sourced from the Black Forest, stainless steel bearings, crank and axle, a BPA-free inner plastic frame, a cup grounds container, along with a plastic lid connected to the conclusion of the deal with. The Comandante possesses a diameter of aproximatelly 2.4″, a level of 6.3″, along with a mass of 1.63 lbs. The hopper of its and grounds container is able to hold aproximatelly 40 45 g of coffee.
Grind Adjustment

The Comandante is among the number of premium hand grinders with stepped grind adjustment. A clear plastic knob on the underside of the device controls grind size in’ clicks’. Part of the gain of stepped grinding is it enables the person to replicate the very same setting again and again. By zeroing out the burrs after that counting clicks, certain options could be referenced.


High uniformity across the complete range of grind sizes.
Premium materials for example the wood veneer and glass grinds catch.
Stepped micro-adjustment device is adequate for changes that are small to espresso.


Is composed of several plastic parts.
Slightly louder grinding volume compared to alternative grinders on this list.
Some grind retention within the adjustment wheel.

Orphan Espresso Fixie

The Fixie is Orphan Espresso’s smallest grinder, standing up about 5 inches shorter and one inch thinner compared to grinders in the company’s Lido line, and also light by over a pound, cementing it as probably the most travel friendly model from OE and also from any producer on this particular list. Backpackers rejoice!

Finish plus fit

Created to be ultralight and compact, i.e. very travel friendly, the Fixie is simply 6 and a half inches high and 330 grams, which makes it smaller and lighter compared to most coffee bags. The Fixie additionally appears featherweight. The body & manage are the grinds catch and carbon fiber is titanium, lending it a visual like the frame on a match bicycle cresting the Pyrenees. On the inside are an aluminum axle plus burr carrier, Delrin bearings, and also – probably the heaviest thing so far – a 140g, 47mm stainless conical burr set from Etzinger.
Grind Adjustment

The Fixie eschews the typical wheel plus switch in favor of a “fixed” grind adjustment system whereby spacers are positioned on the axle to reduce the distance between the burrs. The grinder comes with 3 plastic-made “Fixie Disks” for common grind sizes (fine, medium, and coarse) and 4 Teflon “Tuner Shims” for small adjustments. Including the fine disk helps make the grind fine (e.g. Aeropress); including the medium disk uses the grind medium (e.g. Kalita Wave); and also adding the coarse disk helps make the grind coarse. Subsequently the grind is usually fine tuned with the shims, that are available in 2 sizes: .20 and.10mm mm.


Lightest grinder on this list.
Special grind adjustment program.
Comes with Tyvek travel bag.


The adjustment structure features a steep learning curve.
Side-fill hopper opening is narrow.
Fat is privileged over grind quality.