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All About Wholesale Fireworks

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Are you thinking about buying fireworks in bulk but you are worried about buying complete cases of each product? The truth is that most fireworks come with 24, 8, or greater quantities of the exact thing in every case, making it difficult to obtain the exact variety you desire. If you’re spending thousands each year in a local store selling fireworks, however you’re aware that buying wholesale can save you lots of money.

We know this issue well and will keep this in mind whenever we add new items into our catalogue of wholesale products. We actually have more ways than ever before to offer an ideal mix of worlds: wholesale prices and a huge selection.

Here are our top 4 ways to spice up your bulk fireworks orders:

1. Purchase Large Variety

The assortments are filled with an array of fireworks. We have the largest best-quality, most-priced assortments that are available. These bigger assortments are targeted at those who enjoy fireworks, and they do not include smaller novelty items or small pieces of filler that are typically available inside smaller boxes.

Instead, they provide an array of artillery guns or aerial repeaters. The assortments can be described as a display in the form of a box, making purchasing wholesale simple.

Each of these collections is packaged one at a time and you can buy the individual items as a wholesale fireworks purchase:

2. Purchase Mixed-Case Fireworks

Certain wholesale cases include various things rather than multiples of one item. We aim to provide a broad assortment of these mixed-case fireworks so that you can create a variety in your show.

The fireworks included in these sets usually contain the same number of shots and similar firing patterns however they have different colors and effects. They can be scattered across your show or put them in conjunction to create a specific theme or thematic. The majority of mixed cases have 500-gram repeaters. However, there are some excellent 200-gram options too.

3. Purchase large 500-Gram repeaters

A number of 500-gram repeaters are big that they can only be contained in every case. This single-pack is great to prevent getting rid of the “multiples from the exact thing” problem. The fireworks usually feature a high shot count (100 or 200, or even more) as well as a rapid pace. They are recommended for use during the show’s final moments or to enhance a special segment of the show in which you’re hoping to make the audience cheer.

We also provide a range of 500-gram final racks and repeaters that come in only two pieces each case. Although you will receive both of this product firing them simultaneously will make for a wonderful finale to your performance!

4. Purchase for multiple events

The most effective way to maximize the savings on fireworks and make sure you have a variety of shows is to plan to purchase several occasions simultaneously. This time of year many people are looking forward towards July 4th. There’s no reason that your spring wholesale order shouldn’t include fireworks to mark Memorial Day, birthdays, the upcoming wedding, small team games, 3-day weekend, or even New Years!

The method of planning your order gives you three distinct advantages:

It is easier to satisfy any minimum order requirements.
It is possible to distribute several versions of an thing across various shows.
The shipping cost is only payable once.

This is a clear win-win.