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Benefits To The Environment When Using Compostable Packaging

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In the past three months the press are increasing our understanding of plastic pollution and the results of its on the oceans of ours. Based on Greenpeace, an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic-made end up in our oceans each year. That is a truckload of rubbish a minute.

These staggering figures are a thing the world’s leaders could not ignore. Lately, 9 nations from the Commonwealth have joined the hassle wanting to eliminate single use plastic from the oceans of ours.

With entire countries getting involved, could we do our part?

We’re really conscious of our duty to play the part of ours in decreasing and reusing plastic. We’re also keenly mindful of our need to bring down the impact of ours on the planet and although this is not the simplest task for any delivered wholesaler, we’re taking decisive action showing the support of ours.

At the depot of ours, we’ve changed our lighting to LED’s to bring down our energy consumption across the company and also have installed an electric powered charging point for our electric cars to work with on site. Furthermore, we’ve modified our vehicle routes to allow us to back haul from vendors wherever possible, reducing the carbon footprint of ours plus our food miles.

We’ve been working with our vendors to shift to far more recyclable packaging, use recycled plastic wherever possible and also minimize the use of theirs of plastic material. These changes may take time though we’re making progress that is excellent and are excited for the long term.

Most recently, we’ve mentioned a complete Eco range of eco-friendly disposables including cups, soup containers, paper straws, and food trays plus additional packaging – already firm favourites with the clients of ours.

Does your catering company truly have to be imagining about sustainability?
The short answer is, of course. In days gone by, if a company did not believe it had been profitable or possible to go green it did not have to and would not suffer. However today, with the world’s consciousness of green concerns actually increasing, businesses across all sectors have acknowledged they cannot find the money to ignore the problems either.

So what will you do?

At the start, the thought of living green can feel overwhelming. In the catering industry waste can be hard to control. And so begin with one change that is simple – use compostable packaging.

But initially, what’s Compostable Packaging?

Compostable packaging is produced from plant based, materials that are recycled as well as when disposed of properly, can easily go back to earth safely and quickly as soil. The profits of utilizing compostable packaging to the planet are significant. It involves much less carbon dioxide to produce, minimizes the volume of waste sent to land fill and does not create harmful toxins as it breaks down.

So just how does it help your business?

Below are our top 3 positive aspects of utilizing Compostable Packaging inside your catering business:

One) Improves your company image
Using eco friendly packaging not just shouts’ quality product’ with the customer but additionally reflects well on your total business image. It shows you are conscientious and care about the earth we live in.

Two) Expands your customer base
With huge amounts of celebrities backing anti plastic campaigns like as’ the trash isles’ increasingly more individuals are living green. This affects not only the way they dispose of the waste of theirs but where
they purchase from and what items they use. If your small business is eco-friendly you’re certain to keep
those clients coming through the doors.

Three) Do the bit of yours for the planet Have the pleasure of realizing you’re doing your bit for the earth. By lowering your
carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly it’s certain to create a positive effect.