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Choose the right diamond

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Round Diamonds

When choosing a diamond, the initial priority of yours is generally to select a shape. In case you are uncertain of what form to choose, it can be beneficial to learn this: round diamonds are undoubtedly the most used option as a result of the extraordinary brilliance of theirs, fire, along with gentle performance. Round brilliant diamonds constitute about three quarters of all the diamond purchases, provide optimum sparkle and also.
Fancy Shapes

Princess diamonds feature an angular, fashionable beauty which looks beautiful in geometric and classic settings, and therefore are second in recognition, providing the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond in a reduced value. Cushion diamonds are the most perfect option for vintage inspired settings, along with sparkling diamonds are a stunning substitute for princess and cushion diamonds for all those preferring a rectangular shape. Emerald diamonds and asscher are step cut, for a dazzling, elegant appearance. They emit less sparkle or fire than round diamonds but tend to be more transparent. Pear-shaped diamonds, oval, and Marquise tend to be more distinctive shapes, and also help fingers look longer and slender because of their elongated appearance. Heart-shaped diamonds express the sentiment of yours with a flourish and are usually popular with die hard romantics. Pear-Shaped diamonds or marquise might seem to be bigger, given that much more of the stone reveals out of the best view (looking down on the diamond).

Depending on the laws of demand and supply, you can now save as much as 40 percent by selecting a non round diamond. At Brilliant Earth, we provide ten traditional diamond shapes. Please call us for some other diamond shapes, like trillions, baguettes, & half moons.

Pick a Size

The last set of considerations involves 2 primary factors: the dimensions of the gem of yours and the quality of its. When choosing the perfect diamond of yours, figure out what’s most crucial for you within your given budget – a tradeoff, quality, or size between the 2. Many folks begin with size, as this’s essentially the most visually obvious element of a diamond. Remember that a carat is really a product of body weight, though it may be utilized as an approximation for the dimensions of a diamond. You might discover the dimensions of a stone another helpful indication of the particular dimensions, as seen face up.

find out about quality


The most significant quality characteristic associated with a round brilliant diamond will be the cut, which affects scintillation, fire, and the brilliance of the stone. If the workmanship and cut of a stone are bad, the stone can look lifeless and dull. With round brilliant diamonds, the cut is simple to gauge since it’s technically graded by independent diamond laboratories. For various other diamond shapes, the cut is a lot more subjective. Cut grades, if provided, tend to be more arbitrary. For a 鑽戒, we usually suggest round brilliant diamonds with a cut grade of excellent, best, or maybe great ideal (also referred to as arrows and hearts). Selecting a top cut grade maximizes the attractiveness of a diamond for a certain carat weight.


The other primary quality characteristics to decide will be the color and clarity of the diamond of yours. Though people differ in the ability of theirs to view color differences, majority of individuals favor a white or colorless stone, or maybe at the very least a color which isn’t really detectable to the untrained eye. With engagement rings, the most typical color quality selection for the middle stone is F H color.


Quality is ordinarily the characteristic determined previous, given it’s the very least effect on a diamond’s appearance. A number of diamonds graded “SI2” or maybe “SI1” have apparent inclusions, but at Brilliant Earth we are going to contact you in case the stone you’ve selected has an addition that we are able to see with the naked eye. Lots of Brilliant Earth customers pick the “VS2” or perhaps “SI1” clarity grades for the middle stone of the engagement ring of theirs. A number of clients for who resolution is go that is important up to the “IF” or maybe the “VVS” clarity grades.