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Pop Mart: The Giant Toy Retailer You’ve Never Heard Of

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The POP MART is the largest toy store you’ve never ever heard of.

In the dorms at Zhengzhou University, Wang Ning’s pipedream has become an established brand within Chinese commercial malls. It has the 114 stores it has and counting.

POPMART‘s place in the toy market in China is unmatched; it takes 8.5 per cent of the country’s sales, with annual revenues of billions of dollars. It also has 85 IPs, and hosts China’s biggest toy conventions and is, according to certain estimates, the nation’s most well-known toy company.

The products it creates aren’t the toys for children and are rather toys that can be collected designed for young, white collar urban dwellers. The secret ingredient in Beijing-based company? Utilizing it’s power as a mystery. It usually sells its products in transparent boxes which is a method of packaging figurines in a manner which hides their contentsusually through one of its 825 robotic shops, toy dispensers that are modeled on the gashapon vending machines of Japan.

Additionally, POP MART’s sustained success can be interpreted as an ability to stay ahead of Millenial or Gen Z desires. Recently, the company has begun taking advantage of the growing popularity of art that is culturally fun merchandise, which is known as wenchuang in China in the Chinese language as wenchuang. In the past, it collaborated together with Hong Kong artist Kasing Lung to design a collection of figures that riff on the massiveness that are part of The Western art canon -Think goofy-toothed Mona Lisas or Van Goghs sporting an orange rabbit’s ears.

In an interview with JT the company’s Overseas Marketing Director Jojo Lee, talks about this campaign to promote art as one of the ways the Beijing-based business is enhancing its relationships with younger customers. We can expect future collaborations with famous Chinese (and internationally renowned) museums.

POP MART has experienced exponential growth over the last four years. What are the reasons for this growth?

In 2016 the Chinese market for art toys was extremely niche and fragmented among the primary reasons why POP MART has grown is that it has focused and developed the market. This also has to relate to the toys themselves. They provide a sense of change and joy to the world. Our artists are from different regions and countries and, consequently, they have a plethora of cultural traditions from around the globe.

What is the significance of blind boxes when the explanation of this process?

They’ve helped in the popularization of art-related toys. They also combine the price and size of art-related toys. The art-lovers can get something unique attractive, fashionable, and collectible for a reasonable cost. Roboshops and off-line shops add to the offer by giving customers the best shopping experience. We’re thrilled to witness an ever-growing amount of people enthralled by blind boxes and the art of toy culture.

You speak of “art toys” culture. What significance do art and design play in attracting younger customers?

Art toys provide a glimpse into the aesthetics young people love. When a person’s material needs are satisfied, it becomes an expression of the persona of one’s self. Art toys can be a method youngsters can be connected to art in a manner that is simple to comprehend.

A lot of Chinese museum are benefiting from this trend by creating blind box sculptures What do you think of this trend?

Chinese culture is a unique one and many of these products tap in Chinese culture, history and customs, which gives fans the chance to better understand the Chinese culture. This is something that POP Mart is aware of.

Does POP MART considering pursuing this trend?

Yes, we collaborate with several museums, and this includes collaborations with internationally-renowned artists, museums, as well as brands. Since the day we began to make art toys, the promotion of this art form at a global scale was always our goal.

What is POP MART thinking about turning this interplay between art and culture into tangible experiences?

The first is POP MART’s international toy shows take place in Beijing as well as Shanghai. They are attended by more than 400 designers from around the world and over 100,000 people They help people discover more about the art of toy culture. However, we are also developing offline and online fan experiences, ranging from mini games to pop-up stores, and collaboration with international brands to provide new and unique kinds of fun.