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The fame of an artist who isn’t conventional – KAWS

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Kaws If you’re aware of anything about contemporary art, then you’ve probably encountered the name before. The youthful New York artist, whose real name is Brian Donnely, is making his impression on the art world of today because of these adorable characters straight from cartoons.

In 1974, and raised in Jersey City, he quickly became one of the most popular street artists worth knowing. An ex-graffiti skateboarder and artist, Kaws stands up for the art of popular culture that is accessible to everyone. The icons of the world of film and television are his primary source of motivation. When they are re-imagined, altered and reshaped, they are representations of the effects of our society today. Kaws is now a producer of icons in the direct tradition that pop artists have!

The artist is revolutionizing the art world by allowing his artistic talents across a variety of mediums. A real touch to everything, drawing and sculpture, painting fashion design, music and design. Learn 5 facts about Kaws!

1. Graffiti as per Kaws is street art that decries

Since the 90s, Kaws has been inspired by skateboarding and graffiti culture. A young Brian Donnely then roamed the streets of his hometown and snuck into the campaigns of advertising. In the beginning, he written his name across posters, with large and vibrant K.A.W.S. letters. Then, a truly stylish look came into existence with his Skully image: A pirate skull which has bones protruding and resemble ears and eyes with crosses. The major brands like Dior, Calvin Klein, Chanel or Diesel that are sporting the Skully’s small head, are set to create the fruits of Kaws thefts. The entire city part of New York is colored with the artist’s tiny monsters. Advertisements that promote the beauty and riches are topped by the skull of the artist, that allows him to show the illusion and falsity in these posters.

His gesture and thinking go beyond the development for the fictional character Bendy. The skull has been extended and curled as a snake, slipping between the model’s limbs. In this image, the concepts is that Eros or Thanatos are combined with the death mask slides between the neck and legs that the model wears. The beauty, the desire and the richness of the skull recalls Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn. This artist of the 70s was famous for his American pin-up following his passing away. For Kaws his death, he shows it on a living creature.

Tags that travel a lot can be found in regions of four sides of the world: Paris, London, Tokyo.

In reality, according some urban legends that it was the street artist Barry McGee who gave him the keys to the billboards of New York!

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2. A job that is a winner!

Kaws”universe” is influenced by pop culture. Numerous characters are taken up and then redirected there. Spongebob, Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, Astro Boy and The Smurfs and Mickey were passed around with the flick of a pencil, or an axe – from the creator.

After finishing his studies at the School of Visual Arts in 1996, he was enlisted by Disney. Kaws worked hard to participate in the productions that Disney produced, a giant in Hollywood. He appeared in the little well-known cartoon Doug and Doria, but more surprisingly, he was in the background of 101 Dalmatians! You now can see that, behind the tiny bicolored puppies is the background written by Kaws! The partnership with Disney has not been a minor thing. In fact, the reference to Mickey in the character of his companion is clear. Beyond the pirate’s skull and the body, with its rounded belly, the overalls sporting large curls, and the huge gloved hands originate straight from the famed Hollywood mouse.

The familiar characters that accompanied our childhoods are now foreigners. The pictures are simple to access, but they are also shocking. Kaws is a part of this popular culture that is accepted by all. This means that the message is heard faster, which is then followed by feelings.

It was with his re-creation of Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, which was created in 2005 and released in the year 2019, the moment his fame hit its height. Kaws blends characters from the album cover alongside characters from the show The Simpsons, now called Kimpson.

3. From Andy Warhol’s studio to Kaws Factory

The connection to the consumer society is evident in Kaws works. There is an actual connection between the ordinary object turning into a work of art. The barely noticeable distinction between reality and art (thus an everyday item) which makes his art easy to access.

Kaws is attracted by Japanese culture and art in Tokyo. In Tokyo, he meets Takashi Murakami, a famous visual artist, and Nigo Director of his company, the Ape Bathing company.

Based on this collaboration, and being enthralled by the wonders that is Japanese artwork, a collection of paintings for packaging is born. On canvases that measure 40×40 cm He uses animated icons from TV as well as the Companion Chum, the Companion Chum and many more that he exhibits in plastic packaging. These “vacuum-packed” pieces are similar to the works that are sold in grocery stores.

After this popularity, Kaws has gone further. He then moved on into toy manufacturing through Medicom. Medicom. His tiny characters that existed printed on paper are now brought into existence in a 3D manufacturing facility. Through the hands that of an artist characters transform into miniature sculptures. They move from the storage facility through the shop to the gallery. and from shops to museums.

Through the use of art toys and Pop art Kaws succeeds in the footsteps of Andy Warhol. Based on this Warholian background, Kaws has fun producing simple, easy and commonplace art that takes everything that is popular today.

4. A renowned artist’s unconventional fame

Through this projection of the everyday, Kaws investigates different artistic techniques. The Kawsian universe expands all over the place and can be observed everywhere. Again this New York artist creates a shop, a type like a Pop Shop, ironically named Original Fake.

The Chum the Chum, the Skully and the Companion are rescinded ad infinitum, having to be limited only by the artist’s imagination. Kaws’s drawings and characters are featured on sneakers, T-shirts, sweaters, scarves posters, mugs, as well as bath mats and key rings! Through merchandise, Kaws has discovered a way to incorporate his work into everyday life. He blends art directly into consumer merchandise, he’s not only an artist of images, but an artist from everyday items.

Since then, a variety of famous brands offered collaborations with the brands he mocked in the past! They were his base material. Nike, Diesel, Marc Jacobs, Vans, Uniqlo are once more adorning themselves with the iconic skull, but this time it is officially.
Fashion isn’t Kaws’ only passion, Kaws is also getting closer to the world of music. The year 2008 was the time he was the designer of the album’s cover. 808s & Heartbreak by the legendary hip-hop artist Kanye West!
Kaws has a talent for art who has fun and has fun in his many collaborations. He puts his humorous mark and pirate skulls onto everything that he comes across. Away from the traditional ways for operation Kaws is a magician using the latest tools that are available to him.

5. A sculptor experimenting in the era of time

To overcome the limitations of diverse art forms, culture has been experimenting with new technology, specifically virtual reality.

In recognition of the importance of the digital art revolution, Kaws took up the torch. In the confines of the time, this New York artist created the first ever virtual art exhibition! Through the collaboration of Acute art, Kaws released an application called EXPANDED HOOLIDAYS. From March 12th until the 26th, an exhibit of Kaws works was on display via your mobile! VR (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) let users locate Kaws’ famous Companion in 12 locations across the globe. It was the Pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, Times Square in New York, the Millennium Bridge in London and the Wheel Observatory in Hong Kong as well as the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo All were accompanied by a tiny Companion. The figure floated through the air, accompanied by these iconic locations.

A talent to be watched carefully

In addition, with the intention to be part of daily living, Kaws’ art has been able to transcend traditional media and has been directly embedded in our clothes. Through the marketing of its 3D figures and creatures, Kawsa blurs the line between consumer goods and art. It transcends its role as a defender of consumerism to become an active participant of it.

Kaws truly is an pioneer and an influential figure among artists who are at ease with their environment. In a world of pop culture and street art He creates art that is simple and straight to the main point. Although graffiti was only an insignificant period of his early years when he was an artist, the form of expression had a profound influence on his work. The characters he created have changed over time, however, they are still influenced within the iconic icons of modern society.