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The Most Effective Chemicals For Cleaning Your Caravan

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Examining your brand new caravan following its first outing can be a stressful experience. All those tiny marks and scratches can affect your mood. In case you’re new in the world of caravanning it’s likely that you’re uncertain about how to take care of cleaning your caravan. In addition is how to choose the appropriate cleaning supplies that will work for the caravan you’re in.

Caravan maintenance is an integral aspect of having an RV. It must, in actual be considered prior to embarking for your first trip on the road. This article will discuss about the most efficient chemicals to clean your caravan to help simplify things for you.

First, let’s look at what NOT to do:

The best method to clean your caravan doesn’t have to be about using a particular product or method, but rather is about avoiding using the wrong methods and products. The most popular choice are the power washers. Pressure washers are able to do their job swiftly but they also can very quickly detach or harm delicate components that make up your vehicle, like its window seals, for example. The caravan owners who are experienced and have experience with pressure washers prefer to only use them for specific areas of their caravans. They then switch to washing cloths and chemicals to complete the job. The process may be slow but you’ll be sure that all areas of your caravan receive sufficient attention and they will also be clean after your clean-up session!

Then, there are the chemical can be used to wash your caravan

We’re putting them into categories based upon the parts of caravan they’re most efficient for.

Caravan exterior

The commercially-available caravan cleaning products, called caravan wash-n-wax, or caravan waxes can be effective for cleaning the exterior of your caravan. They remove the most oxidized layer of paint while leaving the unaffected interior layers in tact. They come in a variety of types and concentrations. If your car is brand new with a powder coated exterior and a non-abrasive sealer, or polish can work well.

The most difficult stains and gunks like bugs and tar might require more intense use. Specially-formulated pest and tar removal sprays can work in these situations.

It’s crucial to know whether the wax or cleaner you’re buying contains silicone particularly when your caravan is constructed with an exterior made of fibreglass. Silicone makes fibreglass change color and turn yellow. This can seriously alter the appearance the appearance of your vehicle. Make use of specific fibreglass buffing agents restoration agents, waxes and restorers instead.


Regular car window cleaners work well with the windows of your caravan too. Start with a washcloth and water. If the stains appear especially difficult, you can use an agent for window cleaning. The smallest scratches on the vehicle’s Perspex windows are repaired by using an acrylic polish.

Hardware and trims

Trims made of rubber can be cleaned by the use of trim cleaners or restorers. These products can also serve as cleaners for plastic hardware, such as the handles on the windows and doors of your caravan. For trims made of aluminum or other metals use an aluminum cleaner specifically made for that and finish it with a sealer for metal or polish.


If your caravan is equipped with an chemical toilet, it’ll require regular doses of a couple of chemicals. One of them reduces the waste into a consistent liquid which can be disposed in a dump location. Another kind of toilet chemical can reduce the smell because it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Also, you’ll need a tank cleaner to clean the cassette tank.


Cleaning products that are used to clean the interior of your caravan won’t differ from the cleaning chemicals you’re using at home. Make sure you double-check the caravan cleaning chemicals you’re using to ensure it’s compatible with the substance you’ll apply it to.

Chemicals are not always efficient.

Sometimes, they do worse harm than good. Pop-top canvases, like are best cleaned with water and a scrubbing brush as well as elbow grease! Be sure to dry the canvas completely before reusing it.

A sparkling and clean caravan can bring a new boost of joy to your trip. So , go ahead, do some clean and prepare for the next Outback caravanning trip!