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What Are The Essential Back To School Items?

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What are you going to need to do to get your child prepared for going the start of school? Here’s a complete listing of all of the school supplies that you’ll need to have organized to start the new school year.

Keep reading for all the back to school essentials that you’ll require, as well as a wealth of awesome back-to-school hacks.

Name Labels

If your child is going at school, you must to label everything, and I’m talking about everything. I’m talking about every piece of clothing, every lunchbox and shoe, each bag, and every piece of stationery. If your child can take it off or dropping it the chances are that they’ll be able to lose it if it’s not clearly labeled.

Since I was a child, I’ve been using NameTags for labelling the children’s items, as they’re most certainly the easiest to use.

There there is no need for ironing or sewing. Simply adhere the label to the care label on your clothing and, after 24 hours, they can be washed by machine. Attach them to hard surfaces made of plastic, such as lunch boxes. After 24 hours, they’re dishwasher safe.

They are available in many various designs and colours.

A top tip is to put your contact number on labels. I’ve had many items returned to me throughout the years because of my number appearing on labels, and even a tiny shoe my child had taken out of the pram.

School Uniform

The type of uniform you’ll require for your child is contingent on the school they attend. Therefore, talk with your school directly or check their website to find a specific list.

Generally speaking, you’ll require

Polo shirts / shirts / school tops
Jumpers / cardigans
Trousers, skirts, shorts or pinafores
Tights or socks
Shoes for school (measure your child’s foot at home, if you shop on the internet)
Accessories for hair (hair band and tie)
Hat, scarf, gloves and hat

Personally, I’ve bought 5 Polo tops, 5 bottoms and 5 cardigans , or jumpers for each of my kids. My kids are especially at home coated in mud, paint and other gunk each day So, make sure they wear fresh uniform every morning. The uniforms at the supermarket are cheap, which makes this attainable.

While I wash my clothes every day (the best way I can stay on top of it all as an entire family of six) and having five of everything means I can manage everything on the weekend and be sure it is finished, thus avoiding the nine before or morning anxiety before school.

The other benefits of having five of everything are not having to be “out” of uniforms during the inevitable loss and incidents with uniforms occur (my younger son sank the knees of three pair of trousers when playing in the backyard during the first two weeks of school this year). Also, every item of clothing is used less , which means it is less prone to wear and tear and can be less fragile.

In the end, I’ve found that to five sets work just as well as having less, and needing to replace it more quickly and has the additional benefit of not being as anxiety-inducing.

Top Tip : Put Spare clothes for your child in their bag

For children who are younger this is done by putting an extra change of clothes in their bag to be prepared in the event of. Even kids who have been toilet trained for some time usually have accidents within the initial few weeks. Children are more likely to be incredibly muddy when playing outside or get soaked by water table and sand. The idea of bringing a spare set clothes will ensure that they’re less likely to return home in a mis the right clothes and lose their property.

PE Kit

It is also necessary to talk to the school of your child to determine exactly what they needs for their PE kit. It is common for this to vary from between classes. Children who are younger can, for instance, usually just take off their socks and shoes for PE (imaging changing the shoes of 30 four year olds in a single session, how terrifying!). Children older than four will require an entire kit.

Your child may require;

PE kit bag
Hoodie / jumper

Outdoor Learning Kit

Many schools are now offering outdoor learning , also known as forest school. The lessons usually be held regardless of the weather, and may involve being wet.

Packaway waterproofs
Bag for outdoor learning kit to carry the boots that are muddy and waterproofs

School Bag

If you are looking for a backpack for school pick one which is large enough to accommodate their extra clothes, artwork they bring home , and lunch boxes for lunch packed. It’s a nice bonus to get one that comes with a drink container to the side.

Hand Sanitiser

While it’s always been vital to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, now more than ever, children require access to hand sanitizer. The most affordable and simplest method to achieve this is by using the refillable bottle which is in their bags.

Pencil Case & Stationery

Talk to the school where your child attends to determine if they’re required to take a notebook to the classroom or if stationary is supplied.

If they have to bring materials to the school, or not you’ll require the following items at home to finish any homework assignments.

Coloured pencils
Pencil sharpener
Felt tip pens
Glue stick
Calculator (for older children)