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What are the essential campervan parts & spares?

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Are you planning to travel with a motorhome, camper, or caravan? Find out what essential kit your motorhome needs. The following list contains the essential campervans parts & accessories travellers must have with them before they depart for their trip.

Motorhome Essentials – What do YOU ACTUALLY NEED?

I know. You find a motorhome you want to purchase and suddenly your wallet is open.

So. Much. Stuff.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a motorhome owner to identify the essentials and which are just… nice.

Here’s a list. These are the basic things every motorhome and campervan must have.

Some of them are crucial for safety and life in the van. Others are necessary for safety.

Essential accessories for motorhomes


A hosepipe is required to fill water tanks. We recommend at minimum 10-15m. Use food grade hose. Although we prefer a hose that is properly sized to a hose that is not, it’s easier to store a flathose.

Also, you’ll need connectors. We recommend the Hoselock connector. For different tap sizes, we use brass adaptors from Europe. Do not forget to bring your connectors. I have lost so many connectors all across Europe- oops! The cap on the water tank is great! Simply attach your hose and let the tank fill up until it is full.

240v Electric Cable

It’s a good idea for a long 25m 240v electrical cable. But, it shouldn’t be left unattended when it isn’t in use. Spread it outside the van. It’s best to not place it on a roll as it makes it easier to stow and it also prevents us from getting lazy and leaving it untied on the reel. This is how fires start! Ours is kept in our motorhome storage case, but you can keep it in an internal lock or garage.

You will also need a splitter as there are lots of campsites that don’t have enough outlets. A European adapter and a 240v wall socket are also required.

Gas Bottle

You can choose to have refillable or interchangeable bottles. If you are staying in the UK, choose exchangeable. Remember to use a spanner when tightening/loosening the bottles. This is the standard size. You can get refillable cheaper if your use them a lot. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find LPG within the UK. They are much more common in Europe so we highly recommend them.


If you don’t have a 3-way gas fridge, get one. The flexibility to run on gas, gas, or the leisure batteries is so handy that you will not regret it.

Levelling chocks

Only one night at an unbearable angle will be enough to convince you that levelling chocks are essential for motorhoming.

We recommend the Jumbo version. Although they take up a little more storage space, they are far more useful than smaller versions. A storage bag is also useful for when they get muddy and/or wet.

Mud Mats

Talking about mud: Have you ever been trapped on a muddy field or pitch on a camper vacation? We did, and it was not fun.

Without these mud mats, I doubt we would have been able to get out. I joked about how they were unnecessary, but it was a mistake! They are essential accessories for motorhomes! !

Essential kit for motorhome safety

A carbon monoxide detector will be required for any gas-powered vehicle. You also need a smoke alarm. A combination unit is very useful. You will also need a fire blanket, extinguisher, and a torch. We have a motorhome fire and are INSISTENT upon these things.

You should also have:

Emergency kit that includes fuses and spare bulbs, First Aid Kits, Warning Triangles, Basic Toolkits, and a Head Torch. You’ll find all the items you need in this roadside kit plus more.

We’re still on the subject. Don’t forget about security. We installed a lock on the motorhome’s door for added peace of mind.
Tyre Repair Kit

Sometimes things happen, even though we don’t like thinking about it. It often involves a flat-tyre. Many motorhomes do not have a spare or a repair kit for their tyres. It must be a heavy duty system that is suitable for large vehicles.

Sat Nav

A proper satellite navigator is mandatory for any motorhome. No question about it. It’s just too big for you to play with.

Motorhome Essentials- Wing-mirror protectors

These are the best items you will ever buy. It is worth every penny. There are many options for long-arm and short-arm versions. You need to choose the one that is right for you.

Essential Motorhome Accessories for Living

When you first start to use your motorhome, you’ll find many things that you will need, even for a single night.
Toilet paper & chemicals

Toilet paper for motorhomes isn’t expensive. You can actually find the best stuff at the supermarket PERFECT, which is anything that dissolves quickly.

But, we DO recommend toilet chemical. We’ve tried many types, including detergent tablets, which didn’t stop it from smelling.

Mattress topper and bedding

The best motorhome bedding is important. We prefer pillows and duvets over sleeping bags. If you want to have a good nights sleep, a mattress topper is essential.


Cleaning your motorhome is essential if you plan to spend long periods there. We’ve tested several brands of vacuum cleaners, but Dyson is the best. You should get the model with the 12v charging option. A small brush and dustpan are also necessary to reach into corners.

Essential motorhome accessories – Cutlery and plates

There are many options. There are melamine products that can withstand accidental drops. Amazon has many options. I love them both. Same goes for cutlery.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase large quantities, just enough for 1 each. Guests can bring their own mugs/ plates to share with others.

Other essential accessories to your motorhome

Here are some random tips. Your battery will be grateful if you switch as many interior light bulbs to LED as possible.

Additionally, ensure you purchase a charging cable to power your phone/ipad from the 12v sockets in the front.