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What Material Is Best For Toys?

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With such a wide range of constantly changing toys that are available Parents often ask the dilemma of “Which is the best choice for my child’s toys whether it’s plastic or wooden toys”? Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each type of material.


Pros They are durable and last for a for a long period of time. They are also far better for the environment in comparison to plastic counterparts. Have you ever had a family antique toy that was handed down through generations? Did it come from wood? When it comes to the end of the day when a wooden toy eventually breaks or becomes unwelcome and is put in the garbage and decays, it is a quick process when compared to toys made of plastics (or could be recycled into wood or used as fuel for the home). The wooden Qtoys are also attractive traditional alternatives in comparison to toys of other kinds, particularly in the world of ever-evolving technology. If you give your child the opportunity to play with wooden blocks and they’ll be able to express their creativity.

Con: The downside to wooden toys is that they are likely to be more expensive than plastics. Consequently, it is important to take care when deciding on which wooden toys are best to buy. Be sure to ensure that your toy maker uses sustainably-sourced wood and that their products meet all safety requirements. Everyone doesn’t want their toddler to be bitten by splinters as they play!


Advantages They are easy to create, they’re quick to acquire, and are typically quite affordable. Another advantage of plastic toys is the ability to be cleaned and sterilized easily. Today, the majority of toys made of plastic are tested for safety and are sold at all toy stores.

Pros: Plastic toys can be very dangerous when they break, since plastics are extremely sharp. It’s also crucial to know the type of plastic that the item is made from. Unfortunately, some plastics take more than 1000 years to decay and we do not want to leave the residue for future generations to manage.

The verdict:

Although plastic toys are less expensive and are easier to make however, once they’re no more desired, they cause more harm to the planet in comparison to wooden alternatives. They are more durable and last longer. They could become family heirlooms passed through generations. However, at the end of things, the primary importance is that the toys you decide to purchase to your kids should be enjoyable, educational and encourage the imagination of your child and allow for plenty of time for interaction to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. The simplicity of traditional wooden toys offers an array of benefits that are far more than the flashy “new plastic toys” being sold on the market all the time However children thrive when they’re challenged and learning, which is the main thing to take into consideration.