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What To Know When Shopping For Wedding Cakes

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We believe that selecting wedding cakes Melbourne – regardless of whether it’s a pre-made cake or custom-designed – is a wonderful experience that enhances the excitement of your wedding day.

Make sure you don’t pick a cake before you’ve made the most important wedding-related decisions. The wedding you’re planning is comprised of a variety of elements, all of which are designed to create a narrative. The cake is among the elements and you’d like each one to function as a cohesive an integral part of the overall story. Most of the time, other elements make up the underlying elements of the story. It is beneficial to make decisions about the details of the wedding – location or flowers, as well as the style, for example – taken prior to deciding on a cake’s style. We suggest that couples decide on their wedding cake 3 to 6 months prior to their day of wedding.”

Do not pick a flavor that is based on what the rest of the world likes. Your wedding is all about you sharing the love that couples share and sharing it together with guests. Aromas, flavors and scents create memories that last, trigger memories, and make new ones. There’s no need to be to the latest fashions, pick the flavors you enjoy. It could be anything from traditional vanilla with buttercream and strawberry jam to lime, coconut and Tarragon.

Make sure the cake’s height is in line with the size of the room. The cake you create is a work of art, not just food. It is therefore crucial to think about the dimensions of your room when planning the cake. If you’re in a huge marquee or orangery for example there may be a need for an even taller cake to make an impression. It isn’t necessary to buy a bigger cake to achieve this. your cake designer could add frozen dummy tiers iced to give additional height, without any change to the look of your dessert.

Make a list of your budget. The price for your dessert will be contingent on the design as well as the quantity of servings. A lot of talent and time is required in the design of your cake. Moreover, some elements of the design can take a few weeks (sometimes even months) to design. It is recommended to have candid talks with your cake artist who will advise you on what is the most effective for you.

Take into consideration the design of the cake’s presentation. You should think beyond the cake and pondering the way you’d like to present it. What other elements do you wish to include in the display – linen, cakes, flowers, and others? Discuss with your cake designer working with your planner, florist and stylist to determine how to put this all together during the event.

Make sure your cake is the center of attention. It is important to think about the location of your cake. You would like the ideal location for an unifying look on the day. It should also provide the most natural light as well as a background for photos. Finding the right balance may be difficult; discuss about it with your staff in the process of planning your event space.

Most importantly, you should take pleasure in the process and do the things that work for you.