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What Trailer Lights Are Best?

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When I purchased my new trailer, it came with incandescent lighting. In the first year of owning this trailer, I had to replace the bulbs numerous times. It was like every time I was using the trailer, I would have to replace bulbs.

It’s true that I was using bulbs that were good. However, the same bulbs from Sylvania that last for years in vehicles regularly driven seem to last just for a couple of hours driving in trailers. What makes a light bulb that is used in a car last for so long as the lamp that is used in the trailer?

There are two reasons that can explain why lights in the trailer go out frequently The main reason is heat and vibration.

Cars for passengers have tuned suspensions and shock absorbers that ensure a smoother ride for passengers, and also for the cars too get the advantages of an easier ride. A majority of utility trailers in contrast are equipped with only basic suspension systems, which means they are prone to bounce around. The constant bouncing and swaying can be detrimental to incandescent lighting that operates by heating a delicate filament of metal to temperatures that are white hot.

About a year later, when I purchased the trailer, I was required to bring it to an inspection station to have it checked. The appointment was set to be early in the morning and I connected the trailer to my car that night prior. Then , I tried the lights and I was able to confirm that some of the tail light bulbs wasn’t working.

I struggled in the darkness of the night in search of a bulb and changed it again to ensure that the trailer could be inspected the next day. Then I purchased an entire trailer light board for the trailer that were LED. I’ve never had to alter them since. The only thing I didn’t alter in my project to rewire the trailer were the LED lights. They’re still working.

In the past (but prior to the rewiring work) I also purchased an assortment of Type 168 LED bulbs for the marker lights. They replace the incandescents factory installed and had also been replaced several times. The trailer’s lighting now is 100% LED and I’ve not required a change in lamps since.

The reason LED trailer lighting is Superior

If your boat or utility trailer is equipped with incandescent lighting it’s difficult to think of a compelling reason to not switch them to LED lights for your trailer. Let’s take a look at some advantages that LED lights offer.

LED Lighting is Far More Bright. LED lighting is three or five times as bright traditional bulbs, and approximately double the brightness of Halogen bulbs. Other drivers will be able be aware the trailer you’re pulling even in fog, rain or snow.

Longer life span and no Bulb Replacements. In contrast to incandescent lights LED trailer lights don’t contain filaments that go out of. The lifetime of an LED is approximately 100,000 hours.

Rapider Response Time. LED lamps illuminate instantly which means you don’t have the slight delay that occurs between when you brake and the brake lights turn on.

Much Lower Power Draw. In general LED trailer lights use around 10 to 20 percent of the power incandescent lamps need. In addition, it can prolong the lifespan of your wiring by stopping it from ever getting hot. This allows using a lighter gauge wiring harness than the incandescent light require.

As I mentioned earlier I’m unable to come up with a compelling reason to not use LED lights for your trailer, particularly because they’re cheap now. If you’re looking for an idea to do to keep your mind busy by upgrading your trailer’s old-fashioned incandescent lights to LED could be a smart option that will pay off over time.