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Why Kaws Figures/Toys is so expensive?

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KAWS figurines or toys are art-based toys designed from famous artists KAWS also known as Brain Donnelly. They come with some bells and whistles in comparison to comparable action figures of the highest quality. Kaws Figures come in various sizes and are made by Medicom, a Japanese toy maker Medicom.
Designer toys, sometimes referred to as art toys are items of collectibles and toys designed by artists and designers themselves, or manufactured by small, independent toy manufacturers generally in extremely limited quantities.

Many talented toy designers are taught by their own creations, and the creators usually have very little or no prior experience creating or creating toys. The artist employs a range of materials like plastic, wood, resin metal, acrylic or other materials.

There was a down side when people criticised them because they were “art” as opposed to high-priced toys. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kaws toys are included or Kidrobot the category “Urban vinyl art toys” has taken off across the globe. Kaws are available in huge sizes, which is not the case with your typical vinyl toy. However, Kaws figures are very sought-after!

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Vinyl toys are especially well-liked within the Japanese market. Many KAWS toys are sought-after in the present – especially collectibles that fetch huge sums in auction. Kaw’s toys could have helped the door to the art market however, who will follow cannot be predicted. Japanese artist and artist, Kaw has gained a reputation as a prominent name in Asia and is now gaining recognition on the Western art market.
KAWS Who is he?

Brian Donnelly, also known as KAWS the artist is an American artist and designer. He was born in Jersey City New Jersey, and currently attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Most famous for his iconic figurines. They can be found in auctions, museums or even your favorite social media account, such as Instagram.

Brian is also a creator and distribute Limited Edition prints however his KAWS Figures take focus and are the one thing that he is most well-known for. Kaws has seen a significant boost to his artistry when he worked with other major brands, Disney, Medicom and Uniqlo to mention some.

What’s the significance in Kaws Art?

According to the famous auction houses like Christies, Kaws work can be sold for as little as $15.00 up to $2.4 million. Kaws is among the top well-known contemporary artists of our time His online presence is massive (especially when compared with the average artist). Brian was consistent in his style of painting throughout the years. His pseudonym Kaws is a reference to his high school time.
Kaws numbers, how can you purchase or sell them?

Don’t do it, and I say … Do not purchase Kaws Companions on Instagram, Ebay or any website where you don’t have the ability to be sure the item you purchase is genuine. Kaws toys are among the most copied Art Designer Toy on the market, which means that there is a glut of counterfeits. Many are familiar with Kaws figures. They also have a collection of Funko Pops.

A few have purchased authentic Kaws Companions on the two platforms Ebay and Instagram However, I’d recommend against purchasing it. Look for any auctionhouse or trusted dealer. Below are a few sites where authentic Kaws figures are sold at auction.

What is the reason Kaws figures/toys are so costly?

The value of art is basically what other people are willing to purchase it for the same way as other commodities that is valued, like Gold or Bitcoin. There is a market for Kaws toys or figures. They’re extremely sought-after in fashion, celebrities have the figures and sneaker heads salivate for the toys.

The most affordable would be the smallest of Kaws Companion figures, measuring at 8 inches and selling for around $200 to $500. In the event that you don’t pick one of the rarest popular tiny Kaws figures. Also, you’re likely to find that your favorite celebrities are a huge fan of collecting Kaws Figures. This increases the rarity of all the figurines.

In 2018 the sculptural pieces of KAWS called Companion Pass (part of the 10th edition) were all sold out, and a new edition of Companion Pass with the same artist will be available in the year 2019.

KAWS figurines and collectibles frequently sell out in a flash and then end being sold to markets, collectors, and even collector’s shops all over the globe. They are sold at varying prices and are frequently admired and not just because they affordable to purchase but they also take the concept that collecting toys is a good idea to an entirely new dimension.
Are Kaws dolls an investment worth it?

It’s been a while ago and I’ve seen the appreciation for Kaws figures over time (despite not having any). Art is an excellent investment over the long run; Kaws figures have appreciated in value throughout the years.

Do I really think it’s an investment worth it? No, it’s a long time hold and the art isn’t as liquid as the typical investment. PS .. Not financial advice!