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Advantages and disadvantages of studying in an international school

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Are you looking for a private school or a public school? This can be a difficult decision. You might have made your decision already, or you may still be looking for the best option for your family. Higher education is not an easy path. There are many options.
It can be difficult to choose the best education.

These are valid concerns. You want to ensure your children have a happy childhood and a bright future.

Here are 7 reasons why international schools might be worth your consideration.

1. International Schools Prepare Your Child For The Future

International Schools used to be the place where diplomats and ex-pats raised their children. They are now an attractive option for parents who want their children to learn how to live and work in a globalized world. Our school provides the Canadian curriculum. It was founded in order to offer all students an education that will prepare them to be global citizens as well as future world-changers.

2. International Schools Know the Value of Individual Focus on Each Child

International Schools can be described as being pathfinders, inspiration sources, and providers of knowledge to like-minded families. They provide all the knowledge and skills necessary to help students choose their own path to success. International Schools realize that learning doesn’t have to be done in a classroom. International Schools promote experiential learning by encouraging reflection and hands-on experiences.

3. You can send your child off every morning into a multicultural, caring community

A child spends about the same amount of time at school as at home. This could quickly add up to tens of thousands of hours. The core curriculum is not as important as a caring community that encourages your child to feel good about themselves and teaches them how they can make a positive difference in the world. International Schools are more than just a school curriculum. They are able to integrate intercultural competence and collaborative and inspirational learning. They promote respect, social responsibility, resilience.

4. Global Education is the Key to a Global, Technological World

Global citizens must be technologically literate and have the ability to think critically in order to take part in the worldwide learning community. International schools are intended to provide a conducive learning environment. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped using the latest educational technology. Schools like ours offer deep learning and 1:1 device programs. They also have technologically-trained staff and teachers who can integrate technology into their daily teaching and learning.

5. Your Child Will Feel The International Spirit

International School is a symbol of diversity and internationality. Our school is home to 61 nationalities, 50 languages, and 29 teachers from different countries. Teachers and staff members from all over the world gather to pursue knowledge and personal growth, creating a community of enriching diversity.

6. International Students Learn To Communicate With The World

A large majority of International Schools speak English as their school language. They provide a rich education in foreign languages, but also offer language courses at home to enhance students’ language and culture. For communicating with the international world, it is important to speak several languages. Victoria, a grade 5 BIS student says, “It is good to get into other peoples’ perspectives, other cultures, as well as to learn to accept and work with others quickly.”

7. International Schools Offer a Variety of After School Activities

Do you have a Drama king, Debate queen or both? International Schools offer extensive after-school activities such as competitive sports, exceptional Arts education and outdoor activities. They also have Model United Nations programs. Many doors are open to extracurricular programs. They can increase academic performance, promote health and provide a safe and structured environment for working parents.