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Benefits of Writing on Whiteboards in the Classroom

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With good – definition cameras and also monitors and touchscreen electronic products of any form and size, it is the golden age of articles display. Precisely why are dry erase whiteboard easels very popular in schools today?

Besides becoming multitaskers – you are able to create and project on them, attach material with magnets – additionally they are available in virtually any size, do not need power and they are cheap. The thing that makes whiteboards such awesome learning tools is the fact that they are able to be utilized to instruct the mind and body identical ideas.

The whiteboard tasks are equally kinesthetic and visual. Drawing and writing consists of the user mentally and physically, and that improves learning. Research completed at Indiana Faculty showed that neural activity of kids was a lot more stimulated whenever they applied writing by hand than if they just looked at letters.

Research completed at the Faculty of Washington has proven that there’s an unique relationship between the mind as well as the hand when somebody composes thoughts. The moves of the toes activate brain regions which are interested in working memory, thinking and language.

Additionally, there are group benefits. By writing crucial info on a whiteboard, the person doesn’t need to recall what he or perhaps she’s remembering. Information is shown to help you build a shared group know-how. With a portable whiteboard, 2 or maybe 3 users can readily write down their ideas, draw connections, and build upon every other’s suggestions.

“Educators understand re-search and they also see the advantages of whiteboards each day,” she said. It is not surprising we have seen growth with using of our products,” affirms Shawn Collins, director of business improvement for Polyvision, the market leader of CeramicSteel whiteboard material.

Collins states that schools are continuously searching for brand new means to make use of whiteboards. The popularity of adding whiteboards at various heights in the classroom is rising. A five foot high whiteboard was purchased by a faculty to be utilized either while standing or even sitting. Slide-out whiteboards are utilized to show content material in sequence or even to coat a flat screen when it is not being used. Individual whiteboards may be used during test taking, as business presentation aids, and also as note snapping tools.

A whiteboard is usually the fastest method to get a teachable moment, grab someone’s interest, and indulge them with pupils of every age, with no power or maybe apps tools to drive up.