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How to become a legal secretary

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Legal secretaries assist lawyers in their work and work in law firms. They may also be employed by barristers’ chambers and local authorities. They are an integral part the legal sector and have a wide range of professional skills. For more information on how to become a Legal Secretary, read this article.
Learn to be a legal secretary

A qualification is the best way for you to gain the legal knowledge and practical skills that you need to be a legal secretary. As evidence of their abilities, law firms and legal recruiters frequently check to see if candidates have a legal secretary qualification on their resumes.

Legal secretarial courses will help you if you have no legal experience. The Legal Secretaries Diploma program will help you learn about legal document production, the different areas of law and the daily tasks that go into a legal secretary job. Recognizing your qualification will let potential employers know that you are serious about your career. It will also help you stand out from other applicants.

Train as an Apprentice or Trainee

Many large law firms offer trainee programs or law apprenticeships. You will learn many essential skills while working alongside professionals and can become a competent legal secretary.

A qualification is required to join a trainee program. However, some companies will consider applicants who have excellent secretarial skills. You will learn on the job and then study for your position as an apprentice.

After you have completed your contract, you can become a fully-trained legal professional. Once you have completed your contract, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent position within the firm as a legal assistant or a PA.

As an administrator or secretary, you can start your career

You can start your career as a secretary or administrator within a legal organization. Legal recruiters are open to hiring people with administrative or secretarial skills. They will help you learn the procedures and then take you on.

Although you may initially be assigned to administrative tasks, your knowledge of the law will grow and you will eventually take on greater responsibility.

Your employer may offer a training program to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your role if you are enthusiastic and willing.

Apply for a Junior position

A junior position will allow you to gain valuable legal experience. A legal secretary qualification is a plus, but not always necessary.

You can move up in the ranks as your skills improve. You may have the chance to move up within your current company or apply for a higher-ranking job in a different firm.

Legal Secretary Vacancies

After you have the skills and knowledge you need, whether you learn them through training or work, you can apply to different jobs.

Sites for legal jobs
Websites of law firms
Agents for recruitment
Local newspapers
Job centres in your area