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The Hidden Benefit of Winning a Book Award

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Awards signal achievement to the entire planet. Winning a book award offers many benefits including:

  1. Increased exposure for the ebook and author.

All awards send out press releases announcing the winners. Developing your book mentioned both in the news release as well as on the award’s site increases the visibility of yours.

  1. Increased opportunities for publicity.

Authors also can generate press releases announcing that their book has received an award, garnering publicity. Media outlets are more apt to interview an award winning author. Additionally, announcing the award in the email newsletter of yours, on the site of yours, and also on the social networking sites of yours brings you much more exposure.

  1. Increased perception of credibility of the ebook and author.

An award signals to book buyers, reviewers, & the press your guide is reliable and also offers a great read.

  1. Increased perception of the ebook’s price.

An award shows the general public your guide is worth the time of theirs to see it and well worth the money they are going to spend on buying it.

  1. Increased sales.

Research indicate that when provided with 2 publications that are very similar , book consumers will pick the one toting an award over the non award winning book.

Book awards additionally have hidden benefits. A particular huge hidden perk of earning a book award is elevated author morale and trust.

Getting a book award lifts an author’s spirit. It offers an author validation in a manner that good feedback can’t. It tells the writer that their guide stands out above others.
Increased author morale and self esteem is able to have lasting effects:

It is able to spur an author to create additional books.
It is able to present an author the assurance he must release a speaking career.
It is able to help the writer persevere in advertising as well as promoting the book of her.

Obviously, you can’t win an award unless you get book of yours into awards. Check out the book award list for opportunities…