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History of Baccarat

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Baccarat is a type of casino game played between two hands (player and banker) with three possible outcomes: win either lose or tie. To participate in the game players must make a bet on one of the two hands to win. Traditionally seen as a game that is played by high-rollers, the name Baccarat conjures images of sophisticated James Bond type characters betting a king’s ransom over an alcoholic martini of vodka (shaken, not stirred).
Baccarat remains very popular with those who have big funds. Online casinos have made the game available to all, and they offer games to fit any budget.
The history of Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that dates back to the 15th century in Italy around 600 years ago. By all accounts the game was created by Felix Falguiere, a keen Italian gambler. Falguiere coined the name Baccara which is Italian meaning zero. This is because the ten face cards and the ten face cards included in the deck are of zero value in the game of Baccarat.

Legend has it that Falguiere was the one who conceived the game around the antiquated Etruscan ritual of the nine gods, who;

“Prayed to the blonde virgin sitting on her tiptoes, waiting for the nine-sided die to fall. Her fate was determined by the outcome of her die. If an 8 or a nine were thrown, she will be a priestess. If she throws a number seven or six the woman would be exiled from other religious activities. If she threw a number lower than six, she will go into the ocean.”

It is believed that Baccarat made its way across Italy to France in the latter half of the 15th century, aided by soldiers returning from the Franco-Italian war. It was in France that the game was widely played, and became a fixture in the lives of French nobility until their 19th Century demise. The game gained popularity in France and later was introduced to England via the channel. It was here that a young Ian Fleming fell in love with Baccarat, hence 007’s affinity for the game.
How to Play Baccarat

Over the centuries, as the game was passed on from generation to generation , and from nation to nation many variations of the game’s rules and rules have been discovered. You can still play games like Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and Midi Baccarat around the globe.

But, in the end, the basic rules of the game have remained constant in all variations with very minor modifications by the variation.

To be sure that there is no confusion, we will concentrate on the fundamental principles and the rules of Punto Banco. The majority of games like Baccarat are played in the largest gambling hubs around the globe (US, UK, Macau, Sweden, Australia etc.) Online, and actually online, is the ‘Punto Banco” version.

The main distinction between old-fashioned Baccarat and Punto Banco is the in the latter the casino banks the game continuously rather than the banking role that is a revolving door between players at the table.
Aim of the Game

To win a game of สมัครบาคาร่าสายฟ้า the player must be able to place bets on which of the two hands in play (player or banker) will be dealt the better hand. The words “Banker” as well as “Player” are not meant to indicate which you must bet. Everyone playing at the table is able to bet on either “Player”, “Banker”, or on the tie.
Playing a hand of Baccarat

The cards are dealt from a shoe usually containing 6-8 decks of cards. All bets must be made prior to the two hands being dealt. After all bets are placed , the player and the banker will be dealt two cards each. A natural 9, which is the best hand, is the hand that was dealt. It is a mix of both cards dealt. It is also the maximum number of points allowed in the game of Baccarat. All totals that exceed 10 must be removed the first digit.

The cards point values are according to Ace = 1 2-9 = face value 10, picture cards = 0. If a hand contains 10 points, a 3 and an 8, then the score total is 3. A hand with either an 8 or 7 would produce a five-point hand. The initial digit in a two-digit score has to be eliminated.

A natural number of 8 or 9 will conclude the game, with no requirement for either player to draw further cards. The hand will be won by the player with the highest score closest to 9. The hand will be considered a tie when both players have a minimum score of 8. If there is a tie any money bet on either hand will be returned.
Taking a Third Card


The player is based on scores of between 6 and 9. In the event that the Banker hasn’t scored an 8 or 9 in a natural way (which means the game is over) the player draws a third card when their hand has a score between 0 and 5.


If the player doesn’t use another card, the Banker is able to act in the same manner as explained above. If the person does use a third card There are rules to govern the actions taken by the Banker.

If the player draws a 9 through an Ace the Banker draws with a score 0-3, while the Player has a score of 4-7.
If the player draws 8 then the Banker draws a score 0-2, while the Player is standing with score 3-7.
If the player is drawn a 6 or 7, the Banker draws a an average of 0-6, then sits pat with a score of 7.
If the player draws a 4/5, the banker draws with an average score of 0-5. the player has scores of between 6-7 and 0-5.
If the Player draws a 2 or 3, the Banker draws with an average score of 0-4, then sits at a standstill with a score of 7-7.

Baccarat may appear to be complicated, but it’s one of the easiest casino games to play. What you must keep in mind is that there are only three possible outcomes to bet on (Player banker, player, or tie), and that the hand with the highest number of hands to 9 wins. It is not necessary to know the rules for placing bets, since the outcome of each bet is determined through the hands dealt by the dealer.
Baccarat Odds & the House Edge

When you examine the odds below it appears that betting on the Banker will be the best option for maximizing profits. The casino does however, pay a small commission on Banker wins and unfavorable odds for a tie. The casino is able to keep a house edge in every game because of this.

Results Probability

Banker Win 0.458653
Player wins 0.446279
Tie 0.095069

Bets that win are paid in the following manner:

Results payout
Banker Win is the banker who pays 95 percent of stake
Player Wins pays 100% of the stake
Tie pays 8-1

These payouts give you house edges of 1.06 percent for banker wins, 1.24% for Player win and 14.44 percent for Tie.
Baccarat’s Rise

The game of Baccarat is no longer the preserve of the sophisticated jet-setter who has money to burn. The simple nature of the game and its strategy combined with (in the terms of casinos) relatively decent odds have caused the number of Baccarat tables at casinos to swell over the last decade.

The game’s popularity was fueled by the internet.

Baccarat is the most profitable casino game worldwide. In Macau for instance, where Macau is the number one casino destination from the mid-2000s. 88 percent of their $33.2 million in revenue came from Baccarat in 2017.

Baccarat is one of the most played table game played on the Las Vegas strip, only beat by the slot machines which include many, many more slots than there are Baccarat tables in Sin City.

It also got lots of interest when Phil Ivey, a world-famous poker player and winner, was found in Atlantic City and London after having won more than $20 million at two of the most prestigious casinos in the world. Ivey employed a method known as ‘edge-sorting’ to spot small flaws in casinos’ own cards in order to determine their worth and gain an advantage over the house.

After Crockfords did not pay the player, Ivey sued Crockfords in London for PS7.7m. In Atlantic City, the Borgata sued Ivey for $10 million, alleging the casino cheated him by using edge-sorting.

In both cases the casinos won however, numerous gambling enthusiasts and lawyers believed that Ivey was perhaps harshly judged as he had merely sought an advantage after spotting imperfections in the casinos’ cards. Ivey did not alter, mark or play with any cards during the Punto Banco variant I played. All actions are taken by the casino dealer.

Although it was not a great experience for Ivey The publicity that the cases attracted introduced millions of new players to Baccarat. Baccarat. Along with making national magazine and newspaper news around the globe, CBS News even replayed the story as part of the well-known Showtime programme, “60 Minute Sports” in October 2014.

Baccarat is a casino game that has seen an enormous increase in both live and online versions.