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Advantages Of An Adventurous Marriage

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It’s quite common for couples’ sex lives to reach a point of lows or even an rut. A lot of people who are in relationships for a long time tend to follow certain routines or patterns that dictate how sex gets initiated, the positions you take, and what times of the day you engage in it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that, in the case of sexual desires, your preferences and activities can change based on the current events within your personal life as well as the way you’re experiencing.

However, there’s plenty that can be used to spice up a sexual life. A few of the things people say they lack in long-term relationships are the excitement, mystery and fun. Therefore, anything that we can do to solve or bring these missing aspects back into your sexual life will likely make an impact. Here are 10 things you can explore…

1. Send flirtatious messages throughout the day.

Turn-ons and interests can change in time So think about creating a flirtatious and sexually attractive space to discuss these ideas together with your loved one. Try flirty texting with a separate application like Wickr Me to add a touch of fun to your messages — and then use it for only sexually sexy communications.

In this way, you are able to experiment and create a sense of intrigue to your conversations. It could make your regular moments a bit more interesting when, through your private messaging application, you suddenly get a shocking photo of your spouse at the time you least expect it.

2. Make sure to mix it up with your dates

Make time for date nightswhether they are scheduled or unplanned. There is no need to get prepared, or show up and depart the same place. Instead you can mix it up a little. It’s thrilling to meet someone after work, or go to the hotel where your companion is already waiting. You’ll hear a knock and you’ll be able to open it up onto an unintentional, blank page and you are able to let your passion or imagination take over.

Even during lockdown, it is possible to inject lots of variety into your date night by experimenting. You can playfully initiate something once your partner is returning from somewhere. Take time to have entertaining, light and fun moments. Why not turn off the lights, turn on some music , and mix cocktails?

3. Play around with role-play (if you’re confident in it)

Role-playing can be a lot of enjoyable. Certain people might feel more comfortable using an app like Dipsea to generate ideas. Be aware that if you are looking to discuss the topic of role-playing with your partner it is best to keep it fun and share your passions in a way that is fun.

People tend to be more prone to wiggle in a relationship when they believe that their partner is bored with their relationship or if they are looking outside of the relationship to find inspiration — therefore the manner you address the topic is crucial. Try saying something like ‘I’d love to see you wear …’ or “I’d really like to give it a go …’ instead of ‘I’d really like to sit as my partner’ -obviously, this is for obvious reasons…

4. Before you take action on them, just share your thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind that “spicing things up” does not necessarily mean having an orgie and/or becoming kinky. It could simply mean having fun with things a little. Engage in sex in a different space, or join your partner in the shower, or try to play with foreplayor other activities like this. Maybe even show your desire to share fantasies.

For this, you must create an environment that is safe — perhaps discussing your fantasies with glasses of wine, or even while giving one another massages. Some people are embarrassed by fantasies, so try not to be alarmist if the suggestions they’re making aren’t a attraction for you. Once you’re at ease, you’ll be closer to the idea — just play around with your toes to begin with, and let your curiosity to grow naturally.

5. Incorporate a bit of risk into the proceedings (but not to the point of it)

Risky, quick-paced and thrilling sexual activities will definitely make your sexual experience more exciting and be very effective in mixing things with a twist. Sometimes, simply thinking about the thrills and experiments you’ve attempted previously can be an attraction providing both excitement for you and your companion as well as an erotic bonding and memory-making experience.

The most important thing to think about when making this decision is whether you’re looking for a single-use event or something that’s more regular. I’d advise against trying something just for the sake of it rather you should only do something that is a real win-win for both of you.

6. Spend some time exploring the bodies of each other

Body exploration with a couple can be very enjoyable. Spend 20 minutes focusing to each other with candles that smell scented and soothing music playing in the backgroundand pay attention to the feelings that this creates within your body.

Try varying the pressure you apply, or the way you touch your partner. You can also take a look at every part of your body using your hands, lips and oils, silk, feathers, etc. It is extremely sensual and beneficial to play using this method of intimacy. It can also increase the pleasure of your feelings and even orgasms.

7. Extras and accessories shouldn’t be dangerous

The website I’m the Editorial Director for, Jooi, has been created to be non-threateningand has a particular approach to imagery and language. Certain users feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the content they see on the internet, so it’s worth discussing what you may consider trying out initially.

It might be an eye-lid, or oils. Perhaps a vibrator to be stimulating for one or both of you, or a starter set. You can even purchase this to surprise your girlfriend -If you think it will be appreciated or recommend that you look up and search for items that go together. Visit this adultshop for inspiration.

8. Try scheduling, but be flexible and also spontaneous

Both spontaneity and scheduling are great for couples. A lot of couples enjoy a combination of both. In the end, who wouldn’t want a hot, sexy date that they anticipate and look forward to? It’s always worthwhile to reflect on the things you’ve enjoyed in the past, and how you approached them. Also, consider the way you respond to spontaneously intimate ideas, for instance through a flirtatious text message.

9. Stop repeating yourself in the bedroom

It’s a good idea to mix it with the bedroom. Try different approaches in terms of positions such as approach, foreplay or. A lot of couples discover that they are more likely to utilize more or less of the sexual postures, and that foreplay can become repetitive.

It could be that, at times you concentrate on sexual sex only or make use of oils mirrors, chairs, clothes, etc. It’s not that difficult to get it mixed together once you’re in the same boat -but it might take some thought and effort to make sure you don’t fall into the usual routine or lazy sexual activity (although it can be wonderful as well. But maybe not every time!)

10. Keep in mind that you’re two distinct people

It is crucial. First, ensure that the relationship you are in is a good position. The level of satisfaction in your relationship can affect sexual satisfaction and vice versatherefore, make sure you’re improving your relationship overall. This means improving communication, and general intimacy and intimacy (if you’ve noticed a shift in this).

Also, don’t transform two individuals into one or merge them. Each of you should have distinct identities and distinctions as individuals. It’s not helpful in a sexual life when you’re so close that you do everything together and are almost always completing each other’s sentences.