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Why you need to be issuing pay stubs

We have all seen a paytub. But, do we know why?
They are vital.

Everybody should keep them. However, the time it takes to do so will depend on what your job, employer, or employee is.

Below is a list of 3 reasons that you’ll be grateful to have your paystubs.

1. Documentation of income

Paystubs can be used to show income proof. You might find that, in addition to a credit report, you will need to submit multiple check stubs for different money-related circumstances.

If you are ready to buy your first house, rent a place to live, or purchase a home for the first time, don’t let your income limit you.

It is normal for businesses to require proof that they are receiving sufficient money in order to pay their expenses.

2. You Suspect Inaccurate Net Payment

Unfortunately, mistakes happen! Your stub can help you determine whether you were paid less than your employer owes.

The bottom line is that your check stub shows both your gross income (which is your pay before taxes) and your net income (which is what you get after taxes and insurance are taken. If you elect, other taxes will be deducted along with insurance.

Sometimes errors can be found in overtime that was not paid out, the amount taken out of taxes, which could be excessive or inadequate, or incorrect deductions from insurance.

It’s significantly harder to prove incorrect payments without a paystub.

Employers are also required to retain employee slips for at most four years.

3. Prepare for Tax Filing

Keep track of the amount taken out of each pay period over the year so you don’t get surprised when you end up owing more tax. This is an easy way to avoid potential headaches.

You can modify your withholdings if you discover that not enough is being taken out.
How to find your check stubs

You don’t have to panic if your pay stubs are missing or you just realized that they were not there. You have options because paystubs are so essential!

You can also use the check stubmaker to create your stubs. It is easy to use, simple to use, and eliminates the need for digging for missing stubs.