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5 great benefits of aesthetic training for Doctors

Are you a Doctor in the NHS? Do you want more variety in your professional life? Here are 5 compelling reasons you should consider aesthetic training as a Doctor.
1. It’s great to your bank balance

Let’s not be coy. You have more freedom to make your own decisions in aesthetics than you do as a GP.

Most aesthetic procedures can be done in under an hour. Botox takes approximately 15-40 minutes depending upon the treatment area. Botox treatment costs around £200 for one area. This limits your earning potential.

2. Patient time is more important

If you are frustrated by the NHS time pressure and would like to spend more time with patients, aesthetics is the ideal antidote.

You decide how much time you want to spend with patients. You will enjoy patient interaction. Aesthetics is more conducive for chatting and passing time.

The other important difference is that you don’t want to take away a problem, like a GP who treats unwell patients. Instead, your goal is to create a positive result, such as a stunning aesthetic result. You have a lot more potential to spread joy!

3. Training is quick

Most careers require a long retraining period if you wish to move on or shift your focus. However, if you are a Doctor, you have the advantage of being able to choose a new area that makes use of all your previous skills and experiences, which allows you to quickly qualify.

Most aesthetic courses for doctors take only one day to complete. It is possible to be trained in one week and start treating your own aesthetic patients the following week.

4. An expanding market

Aesthetic treatments have become very popular. Botox is an industry worth billions of dollars worldwide. It shows no signs that it will slow down. Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are growing in demand relative to cosmetic surgeries. This will make you a highly-sought-after expert within a growing industry.

5. Patient relationships that last for a long time

Although esthetic treatments can produce amazing results for patients, they don’t last forever. There’s a high chance that a patient will be happy with the treatment and return to you if they need it.

You can also build long-lasting relationships with your patients, which will increase their likelihood to return to your clinic for routine check-ups.