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Fertility Courier and Embryo Transportation Services

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Transportation conditions

The crucial point in sending embryos or gametes in a dry shipper is to make certain the circumstances are as near as they can to liquid nitrogen. At this particular temperature the cell functions almost stops as well as the cells are ready to survive these conditions for quite some time with no loss of quality.

This’s why the dried up shipper’s internal temperature is calculated through the entire transportation in frequent intervals by a datalogger to make sure that samples are never ever subjected to higher temperatures and also to likewise guarantee a balance of the internal earth.

The environmental balance of a dry shipper pot is constantly tested and also the dataloggers are yearly serviced to make sure we offer service that is specialized and also to restrict some possible problems.

X-ray exemption

Among the top risks with reproductive cells, like embryos or maybe gametes, is the contact with X ray radiation that has received a detrimental influence on the DNA balance. Considering that one transported cellular (sperm/egg) could be the origin to a totally new organism, this threat has to be totally eliminated.

Even though it’s nevertheless popular all around the world that dried up shipper pots are X rayed when delivered by using basic delivery companies, we do minimise or perhaps completely eliminate the danger as a result of 2 elements.

For starters, the pot together with your samples comes with a manager (embryologist or maybe professionally skilled employee) throughout the transportation to make sure that no such scenario will occur.


We’ll usually do our best to meet up with the requirements of our clinics or customers we work with. Because we understand the tasks of fertility centers in a number of different nations, we’re ready to help each client with info that is essential about the transportation and what do they really expect.

We haul samples in the quarantine, vitrified or positive samples. As virtually every transport is different for us, we’re constantly here prepared to guide on the delivery method and also help the getting and dispatching clinics with any complex administrative jobs when it concerns shipping reproductive material.

As virtually every transport is different and every customer has got requirements that are different, we’re unable to make a price tag list, nonetheless, every transport will be customized to the requirements of yours. In order to provide you with a concept on the expenses, ARKCryo IVF couriers costs within London tend to be around £200.00 as well as transports from London In order to the majority of the Europe start at £950.00.