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What Is A Mandibular Advancement Device?

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Are you concerned about snoring? Perhaps it is yourself that is the only one who snores. Or perhaps it is a partner, husband or wife who snores? No matter the reason, snoring can become a major problem for both the person who is snoring and their partner.

In this blog post , we go into the depths of Snoring, what it is and how it occurs, as well as what possible remedies could be.

Why do people snore?

Snoring happens when a part of your airway becomes narrowed during sleep and relaxed, this narrowing could be heard as you breathe, causing the snoring sound.

Anything which can reduce the size of this narrowing or enhances your relaxation or sleep can increase the likelihood of snoring. Think about things such as:

Being overweight. The extra weight can restrict the airway and increase pressure on the smaller part and cause you to breathe more.
Drinking excessively. This can encourage a deeper sleep/unconsciousness which means the muscles relax and the airway narrows.
Do not sleep on your back. Your tongue may slide back closing the airway.
Stopping smoking. Smoking cigarettes can cause irritation and blockage of your airway , making snoring likely.

There are also medical conditions such as sleep apnoea . These can cause your airway to become temporarily blocked whilst you are asleep, this is not necessarily related to weight, alcohol or the way in which you sleep.
What can I do to stop snoring?

Before you look at the strategies to stop snoring, it’s good to consider why you’re snoring in the initial time, this will provide a more specific solution.

The best ways to stop snoring are:

Mandibular advancement devices.
CPAP Machines (Constant Positive Air Pressure).

These methods to stop snoring are addition to loss of weight, drinking less and stopping smoking.
Mandibular advancement devices

A snoring test conducted by your dentist mandibular advancement devices can help to dramatically reduce the amount you snore. They function by pulling your lower jaw forwards. As your jaw moves forward, muscles around it also pull forwards and open up your airway.

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This technique is so effective that emergency medical personnel will force your jaw forwards if you are unconscious, this act alone will help open the airway and allow a unconscious patient to breathe comfortably.

The mandibular advancement device at night, they are comfortable to wear and can aid you in getting a great night’s rest, free of snoring.

This is among the devices to stop snoring that truly work.

Other ways to stop snoring

Other aids to reduce snoring include items such as pillows for snoring prevention and devices that keep the person from sleeping on their back. They all work in the same way and allow you to shift your sleeping position so that you don’t snore.

If your snoring does not appear to be primarily caused by your position it is possible that you are prone to snore while using various other devices, if this is the case , a mandibular advancement device may be more suitable for you.

Operation to stop snoring

There’s an operation known as somnoplasty. This operation is a straightforward procedure to alter the shape of your airway, particularly uvula and soft palate. The procedure is performed with local anaesthetics, making it relatively quick with a short recovery time.

The treatment is, however, not suitable for people suffering from sleep apnoea.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) or OSA

OSA brings snoring up to the next level due to this condition, the muscles relax so that the airway gets completely blocked. If this happens, breathing becomes impossible.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is a problem that affects both children and adults alike, affecting sleep quality and general health.

If the apnoea is sustained for longer than 10 seconds, the level of oxygen in blood could decrease and lead to hypoxia. If this occurs frequently during the night, it could cause sleep disruptions that are extremely disruptive.

CPAP Machine

In extremely stressful situations, a permanent positive air pressure machine could be employed to ensure that the airway remains open. This ensures that the blood stays oxygenated because the airway doesn’t close so often sleep come be much better.

This kind of device will be prescribed by your physician following sleep apnoea tests.

If you are experiencing the habit of snoring (as opposed the sleep disorder) and want more information on the device that can help, please contact us now.