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Yoga Mat Buying Guide

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There are plenty of factors with regards to finding the best yoga mat that it may seem overwhelming in the beginning. This extensive yoga mat buying guidebook must spotlight several of the elements you wish to think about when selecting the proper yoga mat for you, and also enable you to make sense of many diverse kinds of yoga mats.

Each yogi differs and what feels comfortable for you in the downward dog of yours might seem as a nightmare to the friend of yours next for you in class. It is crucial to give some thought to everything you value, what can make you more comfortable and what kind of mat will supply you with the very best surface to perfect those poses and sequences in the long run.

We will highlight a couple of factors that are vital to think about when you are choosing the yoga mat of yours, and what options that are great you will find for you. First we will consider the mat itself after which we will consider you and the yoga of yours.

The Mat

With various shapes, sizes, materials and fragrances, the hunt for the best yoga mat might appear completely overwhelming. For starters, we are going to take a look at 4 crucial characteristics of your respective yoga mat – size, thickness, weight and stickiness – which means you are able to discover the ideal one for you.


It may appear obvious, though you have to get the suitable size yoga mat for you. Generally, the yoga mat of yours should be aproximatelly six inches taller than you’re. It is crucial that the mat of yours gives you the area you need while you’re practicing and a regular sized mat is created for that.

in case you are on the taller side, it is crucial to buy a yoga mat which is cozy for you, so when you are in a fish pose the entire body of yours works on the mat. Our additional lengthy yoga mat is 213cm long and a terrific choice for taller yogis! We likewise have wider compared to regular yoga mats that are excellent in case you would like more space to move around, this way additional wide yoga mat.


The thickness of your respective yoga mat completely depends upon individual preference. A small mat is able to be ideal for connecting on the floor along with balancing during standing poses, but a thicker mat can offer additional cushioning for the knees of yours during a cat cow pose. If you have not received a large amount of organic cushioning (you fortunate thing!) then a small mat will not be comfy for you on a hard floors, so go slightly fuller on the mat.

in case you want extra cushioning, subsequently a thicker mat may be the better option, although they could be heavier compared to regular mats, therefore bear that in your mind if you are walking miles on the studio! A very heavy mat this way 9mm yoga mat is wonderful for additional cushioning and longevity, particularly for longer workouts or pilates.

A 6mm mat is a favorite choice, particularly for studios, as it offers high level of cushioning and durability. Probably The Thickest Yoga Mat – six mm is a strong favourite with the clients of ours, and it is ideal for regular yoga practice, offering comfort and support. 6mm mats are terrific for the longevity of theirs and will keep going for a long time if well looked after.

A thinner mat could be the ideal choice in case you are searching for an lightweight mat that still offers support. They are able to however be prone and durable less to a bit of usage. If that is not a concern for yourself and you would prefer feeling much more connected to the floor, the 4mm yoga mat of ours might be the one for yourself.

Many people favor finer mats for standing poses as the tree pose as feeling closer to the floor is able to enable you to feel much more balanced. Nevertheless, top yoga mats often provide much less stability so bear that in your mind when you are considering buying a small mat, you don”t want your mat shifting whether you are transitioning between challenging poses!


Although not probably the most appealing name, stickiness is really important when you are picking out the best yoga mat for you. A sticky mat stops you from sliding around and in case you are performing an impressive intensity type of yoga as Ashtanga yoga, then you definitely want a mat which is slip resistant during flushed workouts.

Make certain the mat of yours includes a non slip surface area to ensure you remain secure during your poses. This particular premium weight yoga mat is created from PVC (the very best for stickiness) along with an excellent investment for daily yoga practice. Many people favor a yoga mat with a textured surface area to enhance the non slip quality of the mat, although others think it is much less comfortable – it is up for you!

It is crucial to make sure to keep the mat of yours clean so it stays sticky and also you stay secure. Keep a little yoga mat cleaning wipes readily available and wipe down the mat of yours after the session of yours so it retains it is non slip surface. Should you take care of the mat of yours, it will take care of you!


Weight is usually a crucial factor in choosing the best yoga mat in case you like traveling or if you have got a lengthy walk on the studio. Yoga mats is weighty and some choose never to lug around a 5lb mat. Once again, it is a situation of individual preference – in case you desire a far more durable, sturdy mat and then a heavier mat is worthwhile for you.

When you are planning on hiking to the pinnacle of any mountain and practicing some poses in the fresh air (which we completely recommend) well then you are likely to need to search for a light mat. in case you walk to the yoga class of yours or even take the bus then it is well worth considering a lighter mat, particularly if you are going for a difference of garments, towels and washing things along with you, although some believe additional balance and comfort associated with a heavier mat is definitely worth the additional weight.

You and The Yoga of yours

When you’re choosing your yoga mat you will find a number of important private factors that you have to think about when searching for the perfect mat of yours. You might have to consider the design of yoga you practice, the environmentally friendly impact of the yoga mat of yours, in case you are a complete novice and do not wish to invest to much or perhaps in case you’ve some health problems which may influence that mat is ideal for you, such as a latex allergy. Here is some additional suggestions about just how you as well as your yoga affect which mat is best for you.

Beginning out

In case you are a novice and you are simply beginning on the yoga adventure of yours, it might be worth getting a mat which offers a little cushioning and support. You are most likely not planning to be doing headstands still so you do not require an extremely thick mat, though you are going to need a great degree of cushioning and stickiness. This 4mm yoga mat is an excellent starter mat. It is lightweight, readily available in a selection of gorgeous colours and a fantastic price, which means you can test it without investing a lot of as you start the yoga practice of yours.

Yoga exercises Styles

There are many incredible kinds of yoga, and also finding the ideal one for you is an entirely other article! The design and style of yoga you love and also practice plays an important role in selecting the proper kind of yoga mat for you. With increasing choices in various practices and classes, it is important the yoga mat of yours is suited to the style of yours of yoga. When you take part in various yoga types it might be worth looking at having several mats so you know you are providing the body of yours with the correct surface.

Hot Yoga

When you are doing hot yoga then you do not require us to inform you that all of that sweat will factor in the yoga practice of yours. It is likewise essential to find the right mat, therefore you do not slip and slide.

In case you are frequently participating in a hot yoga class make certain you’ve an excellent quality non slip yoga towel for the mat of yours you are able to clean and keep clean. The Yogitoes skidless yoga mat towel is an excellent revolutionary solution that’s very absorbent and non slip, ideal for taking along to hot yoga. A reversible mat with a microfibre side to absorb sweat pools may additionally be a great option for hot yoga – this way organic rubber and microfibre yoga mat.

Regenerative Yoga

But if the favorite type of yours of yoga is much more based around mild workouts and meditation, like restorative yoga, then you definitely would like a mat which is cozy for you. In case you’re being in poses for an extended time period, additional cushioning is a great idea and a thicker mat is absolutely well worth purchasing. Seated and he lies down poses might be not comfortable on a small mat for an extended length of time, so pick a pleasant thick mat which will cushion you adequately because of this style of yoga.

Scent can add an additional dimension to the meditative yoga sessions of yours and relaxing lavender is a favorite choice. The lavender of ours scented yoga mat is a distinctive option, in a beautiful purple design, delicately fragranced with lavender essential oils. Ideal for a relaxing and soothing yoga session, this particular mat is a wonderful option for an gentle yoga practice.


Use a latex allergy? Then you definitely have to ensure the mat of yours is latex free. Yoga is about connecting the brain and body and finding the own peace of yours and harmony – and that is not easy to do when you are allergic to the mat of yours. A PVC mat, this way latex totally free yoga mat may be the right choice for you as rubber mats could include latex. Read the item information carefully and get hold of in touch in case you’ve any queries about what the mat of yours is made of.


Several yogis love traveling and it is essential for them to have the ability to practice yoga confidently and comfortably wherever they’re. In case you are a yoga pro and you’ve a top quality, large yoga mat you make use of each day, odds are you possibly do not wish to get it on vacation along with you.

Travel yoga mats are particularly created for travelling yogis, giving a good yoga surface while becoming light adequate to carry into the baggage of yours or even take along with you on a journey. The travel yoga mat of ours is full size, thin and durable adequate to roll up or even fold. it is a terrific option if you like doing yoga outside or if you are going on vacation and It is an extremely wallet friendly option also!


Therefore along with those things considered, here is the simple part – style! Whether you are searching for a bright pink yoga mat to create a declaration or perhaps a beautiful relaxing eco-friendly tree design – we’ve a type of yoga mat to fit everybody.