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Do you need a divorce lawyer?

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Everyone doesn’t want to spend money on excessive legal costs, especially in cases where divorce can affect your budget in the long run. Of course, you’ll need be thinking about whether the cost of a divorce attorney is reasonable and is worth the cost. However, you should also consider whether divorce without a lawyer an option you can afford or put you at risk of creating serious issues

Do you require an attorney for divorce?

If you’re an unmarried couple that have been married only in the last few years and are looking to divorce, the idea of a DIY divorce could be an possibility.

If your divorce has major financial concerns and financial issues, it might be wise to hire an attorney. The consequences of making a mistake can be more than the legal costs you have to pay. It is crucial to seek advice when:

One of you is financially dependent one another one of you is financially dependent on the other, for instance, when you’ve given up your job to care for children;
the divorce settlement you negotiate must reflect the worth of more complex financial assets including business interests, pension funds trusts, overseas assets or trusts;
You have joint debts and don’t know what to do about them;
you suspect your partner has hidden information about their true financial standing;
You want to ensure that you settle your financial obligations in one go with a consent order.

The best way to ensure that the arrangements for children should be made by you two. It is possible to seek legal advice in the following situations:

You cannot agree on which place the children will be and what rights of contact the other parent has;
You cannot agree on with the child maintenance. One of you believes that the statutory child maintenance amount isn’t enough (for example, if a parent who is not a resident is a successful person or there are additional expenses, like tuition fees for private schools);
The family also includes stepchildren.

Other instances where you may want to think about hiring a family law lawyer are:

you must take urgent action, for example in the event that you believe your spouse may be about to seek divorce in a different country or if your children are going to be to another country;
You are victimized by family violence, abuse or domestic violence or believe that your child is in danger;
Your spouse is the owner or renter of the house you live in , and you’re concerned about being without a home;
there are international concerns that you should be aware of, for instance, when you live a portion of your time abroad or if one of you is not a UK citizen;
You know that your spouse will be difficult, but you are finding it difficult to negotiate with your spouse or are under pressure to accept what your spouse is looking for;
You are just finding it difficult to deal with;
You continue to face problems following divorce. For instance, your ex-spouse is unable to make payments for maintenance or denies you contact with your children.

In most cases, it’s an excellent idea to have at least an initial meeting with a lawyer in order to determine the specific issues you need to be thinking about and determine what you can expect to see.

Even if you’re capable of negotiating an agreement with your partner it is recommended to have the document checked by a lawyer prior to signing anything to ensure that you’re receiving a fair price and avoid any significant mistakes. By completing the wrong field on a form could have severe consequences.

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Locating an attorney for family law

The easiest method to locate a divorce lawyer is by using the Law Society find a solicitor directory. Find the family law solicitor you want by selecting ‘family and relations among the categories of legal matters. It is also possible to seek advice from your friends regarding lawyers they have used or have used.

Make sure that the lawyer you’re thinking of using is a specialist in family law. Family law solicitors could be part of a Law Society accreditation scheme, to show their expertise in the field of law. For family law and divorce solicitors, the appropriate schemes include Family Law, Family Law Advanced and Children Law.

A majority of lawyers will provide you with an initial consultation for free – either in person or on the phone. It is a good way to ensure that you’re at ease with the lawyer you’ll be dealing with at emotionally challenging and stressful moment.