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Q & A On The Offshore Partner Visa

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Australian Migration Law declares that you are eligible for a spouse visa If you’re in a relationship that is De Facto or are married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or qualified New Zealand citizen.

To meet the requirements for visas to partner offshore, the relationship has to be genuine and couples must prove that they’re in it for the long-term! Partner visas are granted to opposite sex as well as the same sex couple. In certain cases, there are exemptions or waivers from the rules based on your individual situation.

Understanding the complexity of immigration law is essential and we make use of current laws and regulations on migration for your specific circumstances to guarantee an effective Partner visa. The staff here is well-trained and certified to answer your inquiries.

Whatever your situation might appear no matter how complicated, we can provide real solutions.

Q Who is eligible to apply for the Offshore Partner Visa?

You could be eligible in applying for an overseas Partner visa 309/100 if meet the criteria which include the following:

* Applicant must be at least 18 years old

* You and your partner have been in a relationship for a minimum of 12 months to meet DeFacto standards.

* The requirement for DeFacto may be removed if the relationship has been recognized

* Married Couple is acknowledged by Australian Law

* Relationships should be authentic and last for a period of time

* Commitment to a common life without regard to others

* Shared life with social and financial commitments

* Character and health rules

Q What’s the Difference between Offshore and Onshore Partner Visas?

The main distinction between these visa types is the place where the person applying for the visa should be when the documents are submitted to an immigration department.

“Onshore Partner Visa: Applicant must reside located in Australia Subclass 820/801

“Offshore Partner Visas” Applicants must be not in Australia Subclass 309/100

The visa application may be rejected If the requirements above are not fulfilled.

Q Is My Partner Eligible To Sponsor Me?

The sponsor of the 配偶移民 visa must be at least 18 years old. To be considered eligible, the sponsor must meet one of the following requirements.

Should be:

* An Australian Citizen

* Australian Permanent Resident

* A person who is qualified New Zealand Citizen

There are restrictions in relation to sponsors who are eligible for Partner Visa. We invite you to contact us for further details.

Q What are the Processing Times of Dept?

Processing times for applications to partner visas are not the same, but at present , the waiting is increasing, likely due to the shortage of staff at DHA processing centers.

The quality of your evidence, the submission documents, and logical, correct filing will determine how quickly the department will process your visa application.

Incomplete and unfinished documents contribute in the discontent of the officer. the applications are generally more time-consuming to be processed or even rejected. In some instances, applicants may be eligible to receive expedited decisions. Ask us How

Q We are a Same-Sex Couple Are We able to apply?

Offshore partner visas are available to couples who are gay/same sex/LGBTIQ. The de facto requirements must be met for submitting an application for visa approval.

Australian Federal Law now recognises gay marriage as well as civil unions. Couples who are married aren’t legally required to present twelve month de facto proof.

What is the 309/100 Visa? Let Me Work?

If you are granted a Partner Visa is issued,, there are numerous benefits for the person who is granted it:

* Apply to be Australian Citizenship

* Unrestricted rights to work in Australia

* Studying in Australia

* Travel abroad for 5 years – travel rights

• Include children who are dependent as well as family members.

* Enrol in Medicare

* Sponsor relatives to join the workforce in Australia

Q My 5-year Travel Rights Are Expiring?

At the subclass 100 visa grant, you are automatically a permanent resident of Australia. It comes with five years of right to travel from the when you receive your visa. If your 5-year period is over or close to expiring, you could be eligible for the following options:

* Apply to be Australian Citizenship

* Resident Return Visa (RRV)

If your five year travel right is coming to expiration, make sure you take the necessary steps prior to leaving Australia. There may be difficulties returning to Australia in the event that your travel rights are expired.

Q What are Department Application Fees?

DoHA application costs for 309/100 offshore parter visas as follows:

*VAC $7850.00 • Primary Applicant

VAC is Visa Application Fees are usually increase at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Q How Long is The Visa Valid?

Offshore visas 309 and 100 Partner are long-term visas applicants (if succeeds) is granted full residence in Australia with five years of travel rights.

Q Are We In DeFacto Relationship , But We Mostly Are We Living Apart?

It is not required to be a holder of a visa you have been living together for the entire period of time. It is essential to provide the reasons why you have lived apart and that is not the goal for the long-term.

A clear and accurate proof is required in your application in order to ensure that the Department can understand your needs.