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About The Fresco Suit Style

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When people hear the word fresco, they’ll probably imagine a specific kind of painting that is usually typically found on ceilings, plaster or on walls. The word”fresco” comes of the Italian affresco meaning in the sense of “fresh”. This is a perfect description of the method as the color needs to adhere to wall as long as it’s still damp. This year, I got the opportunity to view the largest ceiling fresco in the world (677 meters or 7287 feet) which was very impressive and, therefore was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on the 30th of October, 1981.

I’ve been wanting to write about the many ways you can wear a fresco outfit since the summer we made our Spring/Summer 2019 collection. We’re a small staff , and sometimes things have to be put on the back burner. It happens that there’s no better way than a month of closure to make time to complete all the tasks we’ve wanted to finish. In the previous Swatches article, we love this fabric because of its breathability, and its beautiful drape. Another important feature particularly in the perfect color of blue, is its flexibility. A light-weight suit with amazing color and texture as this has a lot of ways to style it and here’s an look at a few of the ways I prefer wearing it.

Louche Dressy

With its vivid blue hue It’s a natural match for this outfit is an open-collared shirt with loafers. This is the sort of outfit I’d wear for an informal Summer gathering or a night out. The more appealing when you have the option of borrowing the car of someone else’s Porsche to get around in (thanks Alan). With the blue suit’s solid color the seersucker band with striped stripes collar shirt is a focal point. I’m not a fan of excessively brightening up on the front and a soft brown and multi-blue silk pocket square is a great way to finish the appearance. When it comes to warm weather tailoring, there aren’t many better combinations than fresco and seersucker for beating the heat.

Summer Casual

Making it more casual, during a weekend breakfast in Southampton I wore my suit with a light cotton jersey polo that we have in our ready-to-wear collection. The fabric of the suit creates an important difference. If you’re wearing the Summer suit with knits, the most natural option is a casual fabric . Suits made composed of linen, cotton, or blends of wool are common and, in general, ideal. Pure wool isn’t as common because it is more formal. However, with its smooth texture, vibrant color and wide fabric, this scarf is perfect for wearing casually as this. Espadrilles add a touch of style and emphasise that it’s meant to be worn for leisure.

Professional Attire

In the city, dress the look with a tie to wear for an evening out and about from the store. There are numerous methods to put together a formal ensemble in this suit, and here we chose to go with more of a lighter tone. A light yellow shirt is an unexpected backdrop for a stunning silk tie that is printed in light blue. The vibrant color of navy suit is a great match with the light yellow shirt. Other natural options for shirts include white or pink, as well as colored blues. You’ll need to believe me for it, but I did wear the proper Edward Green loafers that day that look pretty elegant, but for work, I’d wear a pair of middle-brown Belgian loafers when I wear an outfit similar to this.

I’ll close with a final idea. The way we styled it was not the in the first place, but in the event that the suit jacket was decorated with buttons of brown color,, you could put it on as an additional blazer particularly if you’re on the road and you’re looking to pack lightweight. In the end, when constructed using the right fabric, an open-weave fresco suit is a remarkably versatile outfit that can provide many styling options to suit whatever you want during the summer months.