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Advantages of Working With a Dance Videographer

The role of a dance videographer along with being a family and wedding videographer can have its benefits that range from understanding how to move to being able to guide. Below are some thoughts about six benefits of having a professional dance show videographer.

1. I’m accustomed to giving direction and receiving direction.

Did you have any idea that in the theater when you receive an email or an “call” to set the time and you have to repeat the information they gave you (if it’s not too long) with an additional “thank to you”? It’s kind of weird for someone who hasn’t been around this, but it’s to make sure you’ve got the message and were able to comprehend what was requested of you. Of course, you don’t need to follow that procedure, but hey! However, I’ll give precise instructions about which direction to take, where you should place your hands and everything else. We all make mistakes occasionally However, I prefer to think that I’m adept in directing using rights ups, lefts downs and more!

2. I am aware of body limits.

I am aware of how different discomforts feel and the source of movement in the body. For instance, let’s say that your lower back is hurting. I’ll know which poses are an alternative. I know what looks great on camera, and what isn’t!

3. The key is in the finer details.

As a dancer or videographer, foot and hand positioning is always a key aspect you’ve had to pay attention to. It’s all about the subtle movements, all of the subtle shifts.

Particularly for my dance videography buddies ….

4. I am familiar with the term.

It’s fairly plain and easy. I’m familiar with the shapes of the jumps, jumps, leaps and the hand placements. We can communicate in about our dancing language, and stay on the same track!

5. I can demonstrate.

If for any reason my brain isn’t clear I’ll let you know what I’m talking about! I’m not sure if I’ve completed a dance session dancing videography, or dance but without being able to dance in any way. It’s daily routine. If ya know, ya know.

6. I admire the hard work you have put into your craft. I will motivate you!

The most important thing is that I appreciate the years of hard work and constant effort you put into your work. I am aware of the many, COUNTLESS hours staring at our reflections and breaking down each dance into tiny pieces to study. I am sure that when you love dancing it is impossible to be without it. When you dance professionally, in classes or in your home your mirror. Movement is part of us, and it’s just as natural as eating and sleeping.