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All about dermal fillers in Glasgow

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​What are skin fillers?

Dermal filler injections we use, are gel made from an all natural element present in the skin of ours and mouth known as Hyaluronic Acid. They are injected in the skin to help you fill in face lines and restoring a smoother look. They could likewise be utilized for lip as well as cheek augmentation.

​ Where could we inject skin fillers?

Dermal filler could be utilized in the following areas:


Tear trough

Nose correction

Lip augmentation

Cheek augmentation

Nasolabial fold (nose to jaws line)

Marionettes lines (from the space of the mouth)

Smoker lines, likewise referred to as Lipstick lines (found above top of the lip)

Jawline sculpting

Hands rejuvenation

If you’ve a query about various other areas of the facial skin, be at liberty to email us.

Just how many mls of dermal filler injections will you need?

Nearly all areas are going to require 1ml to 2mls per region, aside from jawline and cheek augmentation where 2 4 mls are needed. We are going to be ready to suggest you during the consultation if you need greater than 1 ml.
Are skin filler unpleasant?

Dermal fillers Glasgow aren’t painful however a number of areas like the lips could be uncomfortable and sensitive more. The brand new dermal fillers we utilize are available pre mixed with a numbing agent identified as Lidocaine which will numb the region injected. You are able to put a numbing cream ten mins prior to the process to reduce discomfort.
Can there be a threat of bruising?

Bruising could be stayed away from whether a seasoned practitioner functions the injection. Bruising happens once the injector reach a vein. Thus we constantly be sure to recognize the veins before injecting. Nevertheless bruising is surely a chance but isn’t that common.
Just how long will it take for dermal fillers to the office?

Dermal fillers outcomes are instantaneous. Within seconds the wrinkles of yours will vanish. Cheek and lip augmentation are instantaneous. You are going to walk outside of the clinic with noticeable and visible changes.
Just how long will be the process for one area?

The length of the treatment depends on the quantity and also the area of filler injected. One area is able to take between 15 to thirty mins.
Just how long dermal filler injections last?

As stated before, dermal filler injections are produced of natural component already present in the body of yours. So dermal fillers gets absorbed gradually by the body of yours. It is able to last 4 to twelve months based on the area injected. Areas with little facial movement is going to have longer-lasting dermal filler. It will be hard to foresee for every individual just how long dermal filler would survive, as everyone has a unique metabolic rate. Therefore it might be required to top up the dermal filler of yours over the entire year to maintain the best look.
What dermal filler is the very best?

Each company is going to advertise the dermal filler of its as the most effective one. Do not believe anything you hear in a magazine as each dermal filler has its pro and cons. The selection of dermal filler depends upon the doctor’s method and also the area actually being injected.
What skin filler do we utilize?

All the dermal fillers of ours are produced of well-known brands and natural component.

The wide range of dermal fillers includes Restylane® and Belotero®.

Lip augmentation: things being conscious of.

Lips are loaded with blood vessels thus mild swelling is anticipated for 2 3 days. You may think that the lips of yours are tight when the numbing agent begins using off. There’s no importance to freak out, as the swelling will steadily go down. Lips are able to appear somewhat asymmetrical when bloated but this ought to boost as soon as swelling resolve. So it is able to have a couple of days for the lip area to take the ultimate shape of theirs. In case you are not completely pleased with the last shape of the lips of yours, you are able to email us to reserve you in for a totally free consultation.

Tear trough: things being conscious of.

Treating tear trough for baggy or sunken eyes is a very sensitive process as your skin is extremely slim under the eyes. Consequently this area could bruise and turn into puffy lasting up to 2 weeks. Though the majority of the individuals leave with no noticeable marks, we will recommend staying away from this procedure in case you’ve a crucial event to attend in just a month. Nevertheless, the result of this treatment is outstanding as it eliminates the tired looking face. The procedure must be merely done by a seasoned practitioner that has done this many time as this place is quite delicate.
What exactly are the side effects?

Sometimes a soreness, swelling and pain is able to happen instantly in the injection site, lasting for a couple of hours. However swelling following lip/tear trough therapy is able to keep going for a short time.
Could every person have dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are products that are safe, nonetheless, there are very few people who have to avoid it:

Allergy to Hyaluronic Acid.

Allergy to Adrenaline => or Lidocaine could be stayed away from by using dermal filler injections and cream not with Lidocaine/Adrenaline.

Individuals with bleeding as well as blood disorders/leukaemia/lymphoma. (You require clearance from the haematologist of yours before proceeding, as the threat of disease is higher)

Patient on immunosuppressant. or chemotherapy (You require clearance from the haematologist/oncologist of yours before proceeding, as the threat of disease is higher)

Sensitivity to gram positive bacteria proteins.

Active inflammation or perhaps infection in the skin area being injected.

Patient with on going other face therapies as chemical peels, laser therapy or even microderm abrasion.

Individuals in danger of Keloids (hypertrophic scarring).

Patient with effective cold sore.

Pregnant and breastfeeding females (best to be stayed away from despite no true evidence)

Patients planning to have skin surgery within the next twelve months.

Patient on blood thinning representatives (for instance Aspirin, NSAIDS, Clopidogrel, Apixaban and Warfarin) is able to have dermal fillers. Nevertheless the danger of bruising is greater.
Aftercare directions for dermal fillers.

It’s usual for skin to become red near the spot of injection but additionally white across the spot where anaesthetic cream/injection was utilized. This should just last a couple of hours.

Lumps can sometimes happen if the dermal filler absorbs water out of the body and swells. For the very first twenty four hours after therapy these lumps can effortlessly be rubbed away (between thumb and finger). Do not massage lumps that you can’t see as this is only going to displace the filler of yours.

Seldom numbness or tingling over the website of injection may happen for a short time.

Bruising is probably the most typical complication of treatment. You are able to reduce bruising by making use of ice; it’s okay to hide bruising with concealer/makeup the following day.

Stay away from applying makeup with the injection sites for twelve hours. This is reducing the already little possibility of skin infection.

Typically light lines in the facial skin are’ highlighted’ in white following treatment or even yellow. This particular effect is going to settle within a short time.

Dermal filler applied on the lips usually leads to swelling. The quantity of swelling isn’t proportional to the total amount of filler inserted. The lips of yours are going to settle within a couple of days to how they need to look for the rest of the treatment cycle of yours. At times it might look like more dermal filler continues to be placed into one side or even the other; this is because of swelling. In a couple of days this ought to actually out. Nevertheless, if a private small lump could be seen, this must be massaged firmly in the very first twenty four hrs following treatment.

Up until the primary swelling and redness have solved, don’t present the medicated area to rigorous heating (i.e. solarium, sauna or perhaps sunbathing).

When you’ve in the past suffered from face cold sores, there’s a threat that the needle punctures might bring about an additional eruption of cold sores. This particular issue is on the consent form.

In case you’re consuming aspirin, clopidogrel, similar medication or warfarin, be mindful that these could boost the bleeding or bruising in the injection web site.

Lastly, since dermal filler injections dissolve over time, the modification doesn’t endure forever. Lots of people decide to have frequent repeat treatments.

When getting in contact with us publish injection?

If the spot injected become white and/or extremely hurt following skin filler injection you have getting in contact with us. Fortunately, this will be incredibly rare to happen (one in one million). Or else, we expect individuals to enjoy a gentle irritation to the injected epidermis lasting several hours if the numbness wears off.