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All about melts

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Wax melts have been becoming increasingly well-known in recent years however for those who are brand new to the wax melts, just what exactly are they, how can you utilize them, and why should you prefer to use them instead of scented candles? This article will help you understand them!

The process of making the best wax melts UK involves melting wax and then adding essential oils similar that candles are made, but instead, the mix is poured into small molds for setting. They are made to be used in a warmer or melter for wax. When they melt, the scent oils are heated and released into the air. Melters can be electric, and have an inconspicuous light source that warms the food below them, or they can employ tealights to heat the dish over. It is crucial to make sure that melts are used only in melters that are specifically designed to use wax melts, do not use them in burners for oil which tend to be smaller and have a lesser distance between the source of heat and the dish. Oil burners can be too hot for melts and could be hazardous in addition to can also burn out the scent too fast. It is essential to only use the standard tealight for 4 hours in a melter, as larger ones pose a risk.

There is nothing like a candle with its eerie flickering light melting in the dark, melters have a number of advantages over candles that are scented. The wax is heated to temperatures higher in the melter’s dish than it would in a candle’s melt pool. This means that more fragrance can be released to the atmosphere however, since there is no direct contact, less the scent is burned off. It is because melters give an outstanding’scent throw’ and are also long lasting. It’s also easier to scent your home or room ‘on demand’ using melters, because you don’t have to be concerned about putting out candles too early, possibly leading to the wax tunnelling. If you’ve had enough or the scent has engulfed the space, just switch off your electric melter or shut off the tealight and then relight it whenever you wish. The melt you used to melt will be left in the dish to melt as many times as you wish and will only need to be taken out once the smell has gone out or when you want to change it up!

Another major difference between candles and melts is that it’s the quantity of oil present in melts that affects strength of the fragrance released, not the amount of fragrance. (warning this is the science part). …). If you have a 10g melt containing five percent fragrance oil and a 20 g melt that contained 2.5 percent fragrance oil they will – assuming at the very minimum, other elements are in play, and deliver the same amount of scent throw’ after melting as each contain 0.5 grams of oil. This feature of melts gives greater flexibility in the intensity of the fragrance released, depending on your personal preference or size of the room. If you live in a small space, you might want to cut the melt into two pieces since it could be enough to fill the space with a scent. If you’re making use of the melting device in a large space, you may prefer to have two melts at once to get a stronger scent in the event that your melter dish is large enough. It is also possible to ‘top-up when the fragrance from the first melt starts to fade by adding another one to the dish. Certain melts are packaged as snap bars (which are a bit similar to chocolate bar) in order to determine the amount you want to use.

As with candles, it’s possible to make melts with perfume oils (synthetic chemical scents) or essential oils. We offer both! The Essential Collection melts are perfect for those who want natural fragranced products – we do not use any colorants, additives, or synthetic scents. We use only essential oils of therapeutic quality, melts, they provide an relaxing aromatherapy experience. The melts in our collection of scented melts are created using top quality fragrance oils , and provide the longest-lasting and strong scent. At just £4.95 for a box of six melts, they’re also an affordable option to test out an exciting scent before committing to an oil candle with the same fragrance.

One of the reasons we love about melts is that they can be an eco-friendly choice with little trash, particularly when using the electric melting device. Our melts are packaged in a minimal way and are packaged in small bags that compost. We do not use plastic containers, clamshells or molds and we do not use any unneeded dyes or glitters only fragrance and wax. As a small 20 g melt fills your home with beautiful scent for between 8 and 12 hours, they’re extremely cost-effective too.

Another advantage of melting candles is the possibility of opting to use an electronic melter meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the complete absence of flames which means you can take pleasure in the scent of candles that smell good without the risk of a fire, which is ideal for people who have disabilities or little children.

Happy melting!