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Buying Tips For Women’s Underwear

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Underwear for women shouldn’t be complex. There’s an array of fabrics, styles and colors available that could cause any woman to scratch her head in confusion. When you’ve determined what styles are suitable to you, then you’re the halfway mark.

The Women’s Underwear Guide will help you answer all your questions it comes to selecting the ideal style of underwear for you.

An overview of the background on women’s underwear

Prior to the Victorian time period it was uncommon for women to put on any underwear! Contrary to men who were wearing underwear, women of the medieval era had one underdress that was later transformed into petticoats, and slips.

The whole thing changed when “drawers” came out. A form of underwear that was longer which covered the legs Drawers were a rage across the globe, even the queen Victoria! In the years following the hemlines of drawers grew and the knickers which we are familiar with today had come into fashion. After the 1940s this once trend was transformed into a wartime vital item.

Stockings were a different type of undergarment which was seen throughout the history of women and men alike. In during the 1930s, nylons were popular to the delight of women all over the world (no no ladders anymore in their tights! ).

In the 20th century, different fibers emerge, such as elastic and rubber. The fit of underwear was tighter and more sexually attractive, with bikini briefs and g-strings becoming a hit. Wires and seams were still used for uncomfortable clothing, until brands like Boody were introduced in the early 2010s to challenge these styles.

Our designs aren’t just wire-free and seam-free but also created from eco-friendly, innovative materials like organically grown bamboo. A new age of women’s underwear is created and we’re at the leading the way.
Selecting the ideal style of t-shirt to suit your needs

The right style of women’s clothing isn’t an easy task. From the fit and fabric to the color and design there are many aspects to consider when deciding on the perfect design of women’s underwear that is right for you.

1. Bikini

The classic women’s underwear, with a little more coverage than the normal briefs The bikini briefs usually be a couple of inches lower than the waistline and have cut-out leg holes that are high-quality. Bikini briefs look nice and versatile. You can pair them with everything from your most-loved slim jeans or a flowing dress.

2. Briefs

If you’re looking for a bit more coverage then look no further than briefs for women. They are designed to be comfortable briefs have plenty of back and front coverage. Briefs for women are available with a range of different rises that range from low to high. They can be worn with low or high rise pants.

3. Hipster

If you’re looking for an underwear for women which can be worn with jeans with a low rise and pants, the hipster fashion is the one for you. Hipsters for women (or hip huggers) are worn at the hips just a few inches below the waistline. Hipsters’ underwear is cut with low leg holes, and show around 3/4 of the cheek.

4. Boyleg

Are you not a fan of showing cheeks? Perhaps you prefer boylegs. Boyshorts for women are influenced by men’s briefs and look somewhat similar to hipster. The primary distinction is that boyshorts have an lower cut leg. Some can be to as low as the thigh. Put on your women’s boyshorts in medium-to-high-rise trousers and relish the comfort they offer.

5. G-string

Do not think about the coverage. G-strings are shaped like an thong but are thinner strings to give greater cheek coverage. They are perfect for forms-fitting clothes like dressy bodycon skirts, dresses and leggings and tights, women’s gstrings will minimize visible lines of underwear.

6. Brazilian

Are you looking for something more flirty? Go for a Brazilian bikini. It has a cut with a low rise this mix of bikini and the g-string gives an exciting look and modest coverage of the bum. It’s a fun and feminine style which is great to wear with your favorite dress or skinny jeans.
Bamboo is the most suitable fabric for women’s underwear?

It’s obvious that you’ve chosen the right kind of underwear for your needs. Congratulations! You’ll need to pick a fabric. We believe that bamboo viscose is a great fabric for underwear. Soft, comfortable and breathable bamboo women’s underwear as good for your skin and world.

It’s cozy

At Boody the story we tell begins and concludes with the comfort of our customers. This is the reason why bamboo is a must-have cloth for Boody. It is soft, lightweight, and soft on the skin, bamboo truly is the perfect fabric to wear. That’s what makes bamboo underwear an essential item in every woman’s closet! No matter if you opt for bamboo briefs, bamboo bikini or bamboo ga-string underwear offer the luxury you need.

It’s eco-friendly

We are aware that the path towards a more sustainable world does not come with shortcuts. To ensure the protection of our environment in the future We must find methods to lead a sustainable lifestyle. This is a major reason we choose to use bamboo that is organically grown in our women’s clothing. From the fact that bamboo grows organically and without artificial irrigation, to its rapid-growing and renewing nature bamboo is the top alternative for sustainability.

It’s good for you.

The bamboo fabric great for the environment, it’s also good for your skin too. With an anti-fungal and antibacterial bio-agent which is effectively retained throughout the manufacturing process the bamboo fabric. It’s also sweat-proof, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic. This means that those who have sensitive skin and other conditions like eczema are likely to enjoy our ultra-soft underwear.

Take into consideration color

We are committed to creating timeless designs at Boody in order to avoid inconsistency and the constant desire to keep up with trends. That’s why we’ve developed an array of neutral colors that can be worn with everything and never out of fashion.

Black: The shade that can be worn with anything Black is undoubtedly one of our top underwear colors.

White White: Another Boody fan favorite Every woman needs at least a couple of pairs of white underwear in her wardrobe.

Blush is probably the closest to a true ‘color in our range of undies We think our Blush shade is a lovely feminine and feminine hue that our customers simply can’t not get enough of.

Light Grey Marl is the newest member of our collection of neutral shades Light Grey marl has proved to be a hugely sought-after shade.