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Five reasons why silk flowers can transform your wedding

Have you ever considered silk flowers as a wedding decoration? We can help you make your dreams come true with silk flowers.
1. They are stunning
Silk flowers can be beautiful, that’s what it is! They are so fake that almost nobody knows. We use only the finest quality flowers and foliage to create our designs. They are nearly identical to the real thing. They look great in a bouquet, arch or installation, but it is difficult to tell that they aren’t real. You can’t tell the differences in photos. Many of our arches were accidentally watered! They haven’t died by the end the night!

2. The price will not give you heart attacks
Many brides long for that moment when their partner will walk with them through an arch of flowers. The moment they get a quote, however, they panic. Silk flowers are cheaper than traditional flowers. They can last for many years and each stem is in good condition. This allows us to hire our stems for less than single-use flower stems. We hate to see flowers go to waste after a single day. Keep dreaming about the arch!

3. They’re practical
It is possible to set up silk flowers at your venue at any hour, reducing stress and easing any last-minute worries. Your entire bridal party can be sent bouquets in no time. You can also move the designs around with ease. We suggest that displays be multi-use to get the most from them. This is particularly useful at barn weddings. You can use the flowers at any time, they won’t need watering, and they will keep looking gorgeous.

4. You can take more control of your floral designs
Our favorite saying is “Any flower. Any colour. Any time.” Silk flowers are often more versatile than fresh flowers. Flowers don’t always have to be seasonal. You can still have peonies if you wish! It is also possible to use dried stems in your long-lasting designs.
Another advantage of silk flowers is the ability to have greater control over your designs. You can plan ahead and choose exactly the flowers, foliage, shape, colour scheme, and design of your bouquet. If something goes wrong, you won’t be disappointed. With video and photo updates, we keep our clients updated about their designs as they are being made.

5. Keepakes of your big day!
This is the number one reason why brides choose silk bouquets and arrangements for their big day. Your bouquets can be made to your specifications and will remain with you for many years. These flowers make great gifts for bridesmaids, mothers and anyone else in your bridal party you want to say thank-you to. We can also make matching vase arrangements, if you would like. We have also received requests for single silk roses to go on each table as a wedding favour.