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How to Wear Ear Cuffs

Accessorize with ear cuffs in a cute and stylish way. You can wear them in any way you want, and there are many sizes and types to choose from. You can find our guide to how to wear ear-cuffs. We will walk you through the basics and give you styling ideas.

Let’s start by clarifying what an ear cuff is. An ear cuff, a piece or jewellery worn around your outer edge of the ear, is a piece that you wear. It slips over your cartilage, giving it a similar appearance to a helix, or snug piercing.
Are my ears pierced to wear an ear cuff?

An ear cuff does not require that your ears be pierced. An ear cuff is versatile and can be worn with no commitment.

You can easily change your look at will, and there is no need to worry about maintaining a piercing. Many people wear ear-cuffs with their piercings. Ear cuffs are versatile and can be worn in any style.

You can also try cartilage piercings with ear cuffs before you commit to the needle.

How to Put on Ear Cuffs

Although it may seem difficult to put an ear cuff on the first time, you will soon be a pro with practice!

Adjust the size of your ear-cuff first. This will ensure that you can get the cuff over your ear. To make the gap larger, simply hold the ends in your hands and pull them apart.

After you have slightly opened your ear cuff, slide the cuff around the outermost part of your ear.

Rotate the ear cuff towards the inner ear until it is in a comfortable position.

Press the ends of the ear-cuff together until they are secure. This is when the ear cuff will not come loose from your ear. It is important not to press too hard on the ends as it can cause discomfort.

What ear should I wear an ear cuff on?

You have the choice. You can choose which ear is most comfortable for you. You can switch it up, or wear them both at once!
How to Remove Ear Cuffs

You may need to take out your ear cuff if you want to relax your ears or go to bed. Learn how to remove an ear cuff safely.

Gently pull the ends of your ear-cuff apart until you are able to slide it back up and down your ears again.

After you’ve done that, slide the ear-cuff to your thinnest part of the ear. Holding your ear open, slide it off your ear.

End it by pressing the ends together, or leaving them as is for the next time.

Styling Your Ear Cuff

A cuff for the ear is a great way of creating a decorated look, especially when worn with other earrings. You might prefer to keep it simple and wear only one cuff.

There are many ways to achieve the look you desire, regardless of your personal style.
Ear Cuff Types

You may have to adjust the way you wear your ear cuffs. A smaller, more delicate ear cuff might look best when worn with an understated outfit, while a statement ear piece can give you a bit of edge. The ear cuff in gold texture is modern and simple. Either worn as a standalone accessory or as a statement piece with other ear piercings, the cuff is minimalist.

It is important to consider the size of your business

Your ear cuffs will also be affected by your size. It is all about personal style. You might choose a larger ear-cuff, but for casual looks or everyday wear, a smaller one might be more comfortable. To keep your look fresh, it is a good idea to have two ear cuffs.
Stacking Your Ear Cuffs

You can create a unique style by using more than one ear-cuff or combining them with other earpiercings. You might like to mix and match different sizes or position them at different places on your ears, as we mentioned above. You might try one at the top and another lower down.

It is very common to combine ear cuffs and other earpiercing. These ear cuffs look great with earrings, hoops, and drop earrings. For maximum glamour, you can add an ear cuff to one of our stacking sets.